My Picky Dog Eats This All-Natural Food

As someone whose dominant personality trait is “grew with dogs,” it’s a little embarrassing to admit that I didn’t know dogs could be such picky eaters. Every treat, scrap food, and shoelace my childhood dogs came into contact with would immediately devour, so you can imagine my surprise when I brought home a tiny Australian Shepherd puppy last winter and embarked on a 16-month journey to try and do just that. Make him eat.

First came the safe food for the puppy he spent the first weeks of his life eating. Then when his interest in this recipe waned, my friend and I rushed to switch our dog, Chance, to an alternate formula. Repeat this process eight more times — including luxury brands that cost us $140 a month — and you’ll start to relate to our level of frustration.

Then finally, I discovered a promising new option that proved as exciting for me as it was for my dog: Sundays Food for Dogs—fresh, shelf-stable, affordable dog food that promises to taste like dessert but is actually a complete, balanced meal. Needless to say, I was ready to give it a try. we will, My dog He was willing to give it a try, which is the important thing to keep in mind.

Sunday to review dogs

My dog’s first experience with Sundays Food for Dogs Chicken Recipe went as expected. I followed the go-to guide and started eating 25% new food, 75% old food, and my dog ​​strategically drilled into his food bowl to eat only the delicious smelling new Sunday food pieces. (No one has ever accused this dog of being stupid.) I’ve seen this wrong level of enthusiasm in the past, so I burned my hopes that he would actually stick to this food and patiently make my way through the rest of the transition plan. Then the magic happened.

My notoriously satisfied dog didn’t just keep eating on Sundays, he kept doing it the love Sundays. While he usually forgoes a new food within a couple of days of his transition plan being finished, on Sundays he gets excited about meal times—something I’ve never seen him do before. I’m curious Why My dog ​​suddenly showed interest in food for literally the first time ever, I did some research on the brand.

Benefits of Sunday food for dogs

One benefit of feeding your dog Sunday dog ​​food is the increased excitement around eating, which seemed to happen with my dog. The vet-created brand also claims to improve your dog’s weight, give them a smoother coat, increase their energy levels, and help them produce better poo (picky dog ​​parents know to struggle).

When I read the ingredients label for the Sundays Food for Dogs Chicken recipe, I began to understand why my dog ​​was so interested. The menu was almost entirely made of all natural ingredients that I’m familiar with and my dog ​​loves like chicken, eggs, berries and carrots. The only recipe in the chicken recipe that sent me to the Google rabbit hole was something called “mixed tocopherols,” which I learned was just a fancy term for different types of vitamin E that are safe for consumption and that are added to dog food in order to help preserve the recipe’s original nutritional benefits and flavor.

From a consumer perspective, it was great to see that Sundays offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee, and that the cost starts at as little as $2 a day. Their all natural food is made in the USA in a USDA Human Food Facility, and is air dried for superior nutrition and better taste making it suitable for dog parents because the only prep work required is to pour the food into your food. dog bowl.

TL/DR on Sunday

If you want only the best for your dog (who doesn’t?), or especially if your dog is as picky as mine, Sundays Food for Dogs is definitely worth a try. It’s delicious, healthy and real food made with only the highest quality fresh meats, vegetables and fruits, then air dried to perfection. And speaking from experience? It gives you peace of mind knowing that your pup is getting the essential nutrients he needs isn’t bad either.

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