Nassau Street welcomes a list of new restaurants

With a new academic year, new restaurants are springing up around Princeton. Here are a few that have recently opened (or will be opening soon!) in town, just in time for that time of year when you start craving something – anything – other than food from the dining room.

Café illy at the end of the earth Princeton

45 String St — turn onto S Tulane St, next to Tacoria. Opens at 8am everyday except Mondays (when they are closed).

The At Earth’s End Cigar Lounge-Café offers coffee, cigars, sometimes both simultaneously (thanks to their special tasting experiences – come check it out! You must be at least 21 years old to buy cigars). Their coffee beans are sourced from their partner, illy, and are made from a blend of the top percent of nine Arabica varieties from around the world.

Check out their specialty drink ‘Neve Fondente (slush)’, made with a single shot of espresso, steamed mocha milk and sweetened cold foam (skimmed milk, simple syrup and ice).

Nassau dinner

82 Nassau Street

The Nassau Diner offers a plethora of classic dishes, from American breakfasts to specialty international options. They’re open until 10 p.m. daily, providing plenty of time to satisfy any late-night cravings.

Check out their ‘International Breakfast’ section, where they offer a range of breakfast foods, from Irish staples to Jersey classics.

The restaurant is currently in a pre-opening period during which customers are free to drop by and order their menu, but managers will adjust their offerings based on customer feedback. The restaurant should officially open from next week.

Below are a few restaurants that are currently under construction, but will be opening in the near future.


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49 Nassau St (formerly where Dunkin’ was located)

MT promises to be everything from a cafe to a dessert parlor to a sushi restaurant. Its menu features drinks (everything from their signature fruit teas to boba), cakes (pancakes, cheesecakes, mousse cakes, etc.) and other desserts (try their “milky way” treats!). . The menu should also offer savory dishes, in the form of sushi and poke bowls.


140 Nassau St B (formerly where Qdoba was located)

Do you like mochi? Do you like donuts? Mochinut synthesizes both into their trademark mochi donuts. With locations in the United States as well as South Korea and Thailand, Mochinut is a growing company that will be moving to Princeton very soon. They offer mochi donuts in a range of flavors, from ube to churro, as well as Korean-style corn dogs, boba drinks, and soft serve (including soft serve on mochi donuts).

Ani Ramen

140 Nassau St A (formerly where Qdoba was located)

Come for the ramen, stay for the myriad of side dishes. Ani Ramen’s offerings will consist of a variety of ramen ranging from classic shoyu to spicy miso and even mazemen (ramen without broth). They will also have a vegan ramen option. Along with ramen, the menu also includes bao buns, bon buri bowls, and sides such as chicken karaage (Japanese-style boneless fried chicken) and crispy miso sake wings (limited quantity!).
Steph Chen is a staff writer for The Prospect and Data at The Prince. They can be contacted at [email protected]

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