NattyKakes bakes up great stuff that will get you high

For a crash course on NattyKakes, find our home-grown artisan event cake and THC bakery on our amazing Instagram.

You’ll find pictures of pretty cakes, decorated with floral drizzles, macaroons, gold flakes, and sometimes entire bottles of wine. There are cannabis-infused cookies, cupcakes, caramels, and brownies, freshly baked and topped with things like delightful sprinkles, delicious frosting, and bright lemon peel—milkbar wishes. There’s also glamorous fashion shots of NattyKakes owner Natasha Givens, adorable photos of her family, and plenty of travel shots. If cute pet pictures add scrolling? The site might explode.

But back to those cakes and cookies: Givens, an art director by profession, started making custom cakes about a decade ago just for fun.

“I’ve been in the corporate world for 13 years, designing and directing art, and it has never been creatively fulfilling,” she says. “So I had these hobby outlets and I was going to bake… It was my dream to be able to leave the corporate world and one day own a little bakery.”

Around 2013, Givens began dabbling in THC baking, starting with a sugar-soaked birthday cake. However, the decision to add edible THC to its list of goods wasn’t made lightly; It was a project that took years to make because she wanted to get it right.

“Personally, I believe in the magical and medicinal purposes of marijuana,” Givens explains. “I spent years studying the plant, crafting the perfect recipes for butters and oils, and just starting to put it out there.”

attributed to him: Nattykakes THC treats

NattyKakes’ fan base quickly spread across the Internet through word of mouth. “My entire customer base is referrals,” she says. When Givens remarried in 2018, her husband encouraged her to quit her job and make this dream bakery a reality. So I did.

“I take orders literally every week. There’s a menu and I run seasonal specials like chocolate strawberries and pumpkin cupcakes. I can also have my own brownies,” she explains. “For me it is a one-man show. I do production and packaging and I have a background in marketing.”

Although Givens says she hasn’t faced many roadblocks in her baking career. But, as one of the few women-run — and perhaps only black women-owned — THC businesses in the city, she acknowledges that growing NattyKakes can seem daunting.

“I know the cannabis industry is mostly run by white males,” she says. “I always pray for more women in cannabis, for more women to be heard in cannabis. Because it’s one thing to be, ‘Okay, sit me down at the table.’ But you still are. he heard I.”

Givens is ready to hear it.

“I can’t wait for that fight. I can’t wait until I’m really at a table with money and can make fundamental decisions and decisions about my business,” she says. “I’m a first-generation American, my parents are from Trinidad and Tobago. So it’s more special and sacred that I try to make an impact, make a mark.”

attributed to him: Nattycakes
The cake can be infused with THC or topped with whole bottles of your favorite beverage.

You can place orders for NattyKakes via Instagram, as well as at pop-up events, including the occasional THC sampling party at Hook & Ladder. Like many local entrepreneurs, she’s enjoying the Wild West era of weed production in Minnesota.

“I had someone who works for Callie in the cannabis industry — she mostly does joint work — tell me she was visiting [legalization] They have a lot of colorful landscapes,” she says. “Hearing things like that always makes me feel better, because I feel like I can pave my way.”

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