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ST. GEORGE- A unique ice cream shop opened in St. George wwith a mission to “spread swirling peace through ice cream and cereal”.

Marvin and Sara Philip, owners and founders of Spilled Milk pose for a photo, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of JK Mckeon, St. George News

Featured are unique combinations such as Butter Finger, Cookie Crisp and Reeses Puffs Cereal, swirled in a red velvet cone of goodness and topped with cocoa pebbles, a drizzle of chocolate and a crispy Kit Kat.

“Our store is really about the experience,” said Marvin Philip, owner of Spilled Milk Ice Cream & Cereal Bar. “You’ll experience all the senses, from the smell of the freshly baked on-site waffle cones, to the store aesthetic and the music, there’s an experience at Spilled Milk and we want you to come along. to profit from. “

Philip and his wife Sara, parents of five children aged 7 to 22, have always had ice cream mixed with different foods like cakes and cereals. After Philip retired from playing in the NFL and coaching football at the University of Utah – careers that took him away from his family – the couple decided to branch out into a family business that they could all do together.

Spilled Milk originally opened as a food truck in a grocery store parking lot in Salt Lake City. Philip said they ran the ice cream truck as a family business for two years and then opened their first store.

Since then, the company has grown from Salt lake locationwith a shop in the vivid arena, Lehiand draperas well as their new boutique which recently opened in Saint George and a new location Dawn should open this fall.

At the grand opening in St. George, Spilled Milk raised money for Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind.

The “Match Made in Heaven” at Spilled Milk Ice Cream and Cereal Bar, St. George, Utah, August 2, 2022 | Photo by Jessi Bang, St. George News

Leiani Tonga, assistant manager of Spilled Milk in St. George, said the store opened in late May and people of all ages love it.

“I love working here and the environment. It’s very fun and exciting,” said Tonga.

Her favorite menu item is the “Berry Delicious,” which includes strawberries and Golden Grahams, topped with whipped cream and Teddy Grahams.

Another popular combo is called “Over the Rainbow,” which features Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch cereal, swirled into an orange dreamicle cone and topped with more Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms Cereal marshmallows, and a bow string. -in sky.

“Everything is homemade – the waffle cones, the granola bars – and it really adds to the experience,” Tonga said.

Spilled Milk Ice Cream & Cereal Bar is located at 1480 South River Road in St. George. The menu includes shakes, crispy rice cereal bars and ice cream sandwiches. Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options are available upon request. For the full menu, Click here.

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