New Limited Starbucks Japan Drinks Blend Tranquil Peach and Majestic Chai

Fall drinks may already be in Starbucks stores across Japan, but some places still hold summer flavors like peach. On September 7, Starbucks Japan launched two new tea flavors in select stores across Japan: Peach Tranquility and Majestic Chai Oolong. Additionally, they added two limited-time drinks to their menu that combine both teas: Peach and Majestic Chai Tea (638 yen) and Frappuccino Peach and Majestic Chai Tea (736 yen).

Peach Tranquility tea is a blend of, well, peach, with hints of pineapple, lemongrass and chamomile. It is a relaxing and refreshing blend without caffeine.


Majestic Chai Oolong combines oolong, maté and rooibos teas which are then spiced with traditional chai spices like cinnamon and black pepper. This bold mix would be delicious with or without milk.

Although the two flavors contrast sharply, they actually taste great together – Peach Tranquility softens some of the strongest notes of Majestic Chai Oolong, and when made into a Frappuccino it is further enhanced by whipped cream and cinnamon toppings. The drink also contains real peaches.

When you drink it, the sweetness of the peach is the first thing that hits your taste buds, followed by the pungent spices of the chai. If spicy fruit is a winning combination for you, you’ll love this drink. It’s only available at the six Starbucks locations below in limited quantities, so visit before they’re gone! If so, you can still get a Pumpkin Spice Latte (from September 21).

Available at:

Starbucks Coffee Roppongi Hills Metro Hut/Hollywood Plaza

Starbucks Kirarina Keio Kichijoji Coffee

Starbucks Coffee Lucua Osaka 2F

Starbucks Toyama Maroot Coffee

Starbucks Amu Plaza Hakata 2F Coffee

Starbucks Coffee Grand Front Osaka Kita-kan 1F

Source and images: Starbucks Japan

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