Northumberland rescue dogs waiting to find their forever homes

A dog rescue charity in Northumberland has seen an influx of homeless dogs looking for a permanent place to live.

Many of the new arrivals to the Northumberland Dog Rescue (NDR) site near Alnwick are victims of the search engine for mates on lockdown during the pandemic, with some owners unable to care for pets now that life has returned to normal.

While in the NDR they are well cared for in comfortable homes, with plenty of exercise in a large paddock or on outings with staff and volunteers, the charity is still keen to find them permanent homes.

The four-legged friends are put into food enrichment programs and given toys to play with – they even have relaxing classical music taken to the kennels. Many dogs arrive with behavioral issues that staff will work through before the dogs are considered suitable for adoption.

Below is a selection of some of the dogs hoping to find good homes, with general feedback from NDR staff.

Two of them are yet to be approved until they are fully evaluated.

If you are interested in adopting a pet dog, send an email [email protected] As much information as possible about yourself. Home inspection will always apply. For more information about the dogs and to follow the progress of those receiving extra care and attention, visit the Northumberland Dog Rescue Facebook page.

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