PAWS celebrates Pet Adoption Month nationally

Jackson, WW. Spending one’s golden years alone is something no one aspires to, including older pets.

November is National Pet Month, which brings attention to the senior pets at animal shelters in need of a home. PAWS hopes to spread awareness and find homes for these loving companions.

Older dogs are usually dashing, quick to follow a routine, happy with ease and generally lower maintenance than younger pets. Many old people were someone’s faithful companions. Changing home conditions, financial constraints, death or relocation are often the reason these pets are turned over to shelters.

It is always difficult to place large pets at local animal shelters. They are often overlooked due to the many other pets in the system. It is common to see situations where a potential adopter is faced with the choice between an adorable pet and a trainer or a litter of puppies. Puppies always go first.

PAWS in Teton Valley has two stellar seniors awaiting adoption and in celebration of Big Month Adoptions National, their adoption fee will be sponsored. Both dogs were a local owner’s surrender, changed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and have a great TV staff and volunteer fan club.

Aboo is a 9-year-old German Shepherd who makes his golden years look easy. He has a clean, healthy bill and some guts in a dog’s torso. Aboo loves fast walks and has excellent manners on a leash. To be fair, Aboo is a couch buddy, he’s an attentive listener, he never judges when you go for that second bowl of ice cream night and just hope you’re willing to share it. Aboo will love a house where he is the only pet. He’s a picky dog ​​and can make friends, but he’s a picky eater like many Meanders.

Wally is a 6 year old Border Collie mix who plays jazz in a dog. Why jazz? Wally suffers from Wobbler Syndrome, which causes his body to jerk and jerky movements, like a jazz tune. Wally’s condition is exacerbated by the stressful nature of the months of living at the shelter. He walks comically on a leash, bonds with people very quickly, has lovely home manners, and while his condition is progressing, it is not currently very expensive requiring expensive medications or treatments. Wally needs a home where he will be the only pet. He can meet dogs on a walk and have some fun with them, but because of his condition, he exudes an air that is hard to get along with other animals.
Wally enjoys playing in the Tetons. Video: Courtesy of PAWS.

Aboo and Wally in each paw print wish the Chapter Two families were out there and would open their hearts and homes to one of their own. Adopting one dog won’t change the world, but adopting an Aboo or Wally will change their worlds forever.

Come visit Aboo and Wally at the PAWS of Teton Valley Animal Shelter, located at 15 S 1750 E in Driggs, ID. PAWS of Teton Valley is the only open admission shelter serving the Teton County, ID area. PAWS is not tax funded. Our shelter and community programs are funded by 100% of private donations from our community and grant funding.

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