Pensacola Chef Ed Lordman

In the fiery July 4th special from Food Network’s six-week summer “Beachside Brawl,” competitors are once again tasked with figuring out which coast offers better summer food: east versus west.

In the final episode, one contestant from each coast is chosen for a fatal showdown, with the loser forced to pack his bag and head home. Pensacola’s chef, Ed Lordman, was one of the two in the chopping block.

As the weeks progress in Redondo Beach, California, the competition is getting tougher and the chefs are getting closer to winning the “Best of the Beach” title as well as a beach getaway worth up to $25,000.

Lordman is one of the four spots on the East Coast team led by celebrity chef Tiffany Faison. Since then, the West Coast team, written by culinary professional Brooke Williamson, has dwindled to only two competitors.

In the team’s first challenge on Sunday’s episode, each coast was tasked with preparing the ultimate beach burger that would be sought after in the 4th of July cooking.

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