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Rohit Arora, Regional General Manager at The Park Hotels, partnering with My Menu has transformed his business. “It’s a one-stop solution for all F&B requirements,” he adds.

A true game-changer, My Menu, launched in March 2019, is a global digital menu platform for F&B establishments that has partnered with over 300 hotels and over 4,500 restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs and now cinemas, in more than 70 countries. , including UAE, USA, Japan, India, UK, Portugal, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Oman.The brand’s offerings have proven to be of immense benefit to hotels and restaurants, allowing them to, for example, increase the value of their check, improve their level of customer service and reduce their costs. For Rohit Arora, Area General Manager at The Park Hotels, the partnership with My Menu has transformed his business. “It’s a one-stop solution for all F&B requirements,” he tells us.

“Previously, when you wanted to keep a guest history, you did it using an Excel sheet or CRM software. Now, maintaining and increasing the database is just a click away,” says Arora.

“And then you have features like the dashboard, which gives you, for example, the ability to see if the customer is a first-time customer or a repeat customer. And if they’re a repeat guest, it tells you what are his preferences.

“When you have everything in one platform, you can upsell because you know the customer’s preferences. You could always recommend these things to them, maybe a particular drink that he enjoys. It makes them feel better when they are with their friends or family. So when we do all of that, it helps us.

Moreover, the My Menu app presents the dishes in a layout that is not only clutter-free but also more eye-catching. “Before the pandemic, when we were printing menus, the high resolution visuals were sometimes not very clear on the print. Now My Menu lets you showcase your food through beautiful images and informative videos,” Arora enthuses. Naturally, this draws more attention to the menu, the obvious corollary of which is increased sales and revenue.

And all areas of activity are covered. “If you want to do a campaign for Christmas Day, you can schedule it so that the campaign kicks off at 12:00 p.m. on December 22. You can plan it now and forget about it! So it’s one of those things that gets checked off your checklist,” adds Arora.

Additionally, Arora points out, My Menu is up to date with FSSAI rules and regulations. In fact, the app supports new guidelines recently released by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, incorporating nutritional and calorific values ​​and the presence of allergens in each menu item, among other information.

Meanwhile, for Abhishek Bose – CEO and co-founder of My Menu, the tie-up with The Park Hotels allows him to come full circle. Because that’s where he started his career in 1996, where he worked with The Park. “Having started my career with The Park, I have always idolized the group under the pioneering leadership of Priya Paul. I was fortunate to be mentored and coached by Rohit Arora which helped shape my career It makes me really happy to see The Park Group on board as a corporate client,” says Bose.

From that point on, My Menu’s QR ordering system, its USP, went from a Covid-compliant necessity to an accepted part of every F&B player’s operations. But the application is much more than this tool, and My Menu continues to add functionalities which make it possible to enrich its “menu” of existing services. The latest is a messaging component, which helps hotels communicate directly with their customers, which is a non-invasive way to collect customer details and reach out to them by increasing repeat footfall.

Indeed, whatever the service offered, My Menu can guarantee added value and a transparent and convenient experience for any catering business. When it comes to the application of technology in the hospitality industry, this brand continues to innovate. Certainly, My Menu customers can attest to the transformative impact the platform has had on their business.

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