Pet grooming market in India will reach 210,000 crores by 2032; A 19.2% compound annual growth: says decoding the market

Pune, IndiaAnd the September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/- decode the market published her latest report, India Pet and Pet Grooming Market Size, Statistics, Growth Trends Analysis and Forecast Report, 2022 – 2032″. The research estimates the size of the pet care market in INR 74,000 crores in 2022 And forecasts to reach INR 210,000 crores by 2032grow in 19.2% compound annual growth rate From 2022 to 2032. The fastest growing segments include pet food, which accounts for two-thirds of market revenue, followed by pet accessories, grooming, and healthcare. The Indian pet grooming industry is set to grow at a rapid pace to encourage companies like Emami and Nestle to enter the sector. This research covers every market of products and services in the pet care industry.

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“Market Decipher has done a complete review of the huge database of the pet care industry covering more than 100 products. The latest insights and forecasts have revealed new areas of profitability. The insights into the market also shed light on some of the market segments that are otherwise gray. India It is one of the fastest growing pet grooming markets in the world.The pet grooming market in India is expected to grow in value 210,000 crores By the end of the forecast period, at a compound annual growth rate of 19.2%, due to the rise in the number of nuclear families, dual-income families, changes in lifestyle, urbanization, and increased pet ownership. During the lockdown period, a number of people have filled their spare time by adopting a pet. This trend during the pandemic has seen a rise in demand not only from metro areas but also from second and third tier cities”- Chandradeep Singh (Analyst at Market Decipher)

Pet care products help provide nutritional and pharmaceutical care for household pets. As people become pet friendly, the emergence of pet care products other than food, including shampoo and toys, is making its way into the market. The pet care industry has expanded to include the pharmaceutical and food industries along with the inclusion of medical care products such as shampoos and collars that provide resistance against infection. The continuous development of the market has led to the emergence of wellness centers, spas, personal care centers and veterinary clinics to provide an excellent experience for pets, which enhances the life of pets.

Indian pet food industry deserves 498 million dollars In 2021

Foreign brands dominate the pet food market in India, such as Mars International and Royal Canin India. Mars International manufactures pet food under its Pedigree and Whiskas brands. Royal Canin India It manufactures and supplies dog and cat food all over the world. The company produces more than 40 dry dog ​​foods and 20 dry cat foods, developed for a variety of ages, weights, sizes, and other factors. Many new companies are jumping into the market in search of the greater potential of the industry. In the next few years, India is also expected to become a major exporter of pet related products and accessories.

Fur and Fabulous: How the Pet Grooming Market is Growing

The emergence of many pet magazines with attractive, well-crafted images of pets has contributed to the demand and spending on pet grooming products. Various online stores offer accessories ranging from the most basic to the most elegant and luxurious. The main companies in the pet grooming market are Himalaya, PetVeda, Choostix, etc.

Pet care market is growing rapidly after Covid-19

With the growing awareness about the good health and wellbeing of pets, the pet healthcare sector is also expanding. Products such as multivitamins, nutritional supplements, eye and ear care products, dental/oral care products, nappies, etc. are popular pet care products in the market. The major companies in the pet grooming market are Zydus Cadila, Becky’s India, Hester AG, etc.

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Pet Products Sales Channel: Online Sales at Boom

The easy availability of pet grooming products is a major attraction for pet parents as they are available in supermarkets, online stores, pet stores, etc. With the organized sales channel and the increasing demand, the pet grooming market in India is expected to witness robust growth in the future. Although the online stores segment holds the lowest market share, it is expected to grow with the highest expected compound annual growth rate of 32.11% in the forecast period. This pet boom has spawned many startups across the country.

The main channel for selling pet products is Amazon, Heads Up For Tails, Flipkart, etc.

Heads Up For Tails is a file Delhi– A startup specializing in pet grooming, offering over 1,000 products spanning 80 brands, including the brand’s own organic grooming line, and a highly eclectic range of dog collars, beds, shake tags, and grooming services across 35 grooming centers in Nine cities across India.

Recent developments by companies:

  • Nestlé has acquired the pet food business of Purina Petcare India.
  • Emami recently announced their decision to invest in a pet grooming startup called Cannis Lupus Services India.
  • Mars Petcare India has announced an investment of ₹ 500 crore to expand its range Hyderabad pet food factory
  • Cosmo Films, the leading provider of solutions for packaging, lamination and labeling in the pet care industry has entered the field with the ZIGLY brand.

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Number of pages: 192
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Best Researched Pet Grooming Product

  • dry pet food
  • Wet and canned pet food
  • Snacks and treats
  • veterinary diet
  • collective products
  • Premium Products
  • plant products
  • animal products
  • pet hosting
  • pet training
  • pet care
  • pet transport
  • pet walking
  • shampoo
  • grooming wipes
  • Bath and shower
  • brushes
  • toothpaste
  • tick repellent

Takeaways for the main report

  • Add 2022 updates to the search with the latest data
  • The pet grooming market in India has been identified as a booming market
    Data (2020 and 2021) and forecasts from 2022 to 2032 for over 100 products
  • Key investment pockets and risk analysis for each sector
  • The collapse of the pet care industry into all kinds of products
  • As per product analysis for India
  • Detailed trend analysis and market data for each sector and segmental breakdown
  • The effect of online sales channels and specialty pet stores

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