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Lamoyne Ruth York adopts a pet

Last Saturday I got a call from Crystal Gulbrandon. Her mother, Susan Engel, called her and told her she was on Main Street in Geneva and that there was an injured kitten lying on the road. Her mother called the police, but Crystal said that by the time they arrived, the cat had managed to climb into the undercarriage of a parked car. She was wondering what she would do with the cat if they were caught. Even though I was watching a televised volleyball game in Nebraska, I said bring it to my house.

She called shortly afterwards and the lady who got the cat in her car was leaving and wasn’t willing to wait for the cat to be persuaded to get out, so Crystal said she would follow the lady to see if the cat would fall while she was driving, and try to save her then. She was so sad, she didn’t know what to do. She told me she did her best and didn’t think she would survive after falling out and maybe running over her. She thanked me for my time and told her if anything changed to call me back. In about 10 minutes she called me back and said (I have). Just as the lady was starting her car, a man named Tom arrived and when he was told what was happening he grabbed a broom from his pickup and generally pushed the cat until it jumped down and Crystal was there to throw a blanket at him. mission accomplished. Well almost he was saved but we still know he had serious problems.

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I brought him to my house and saw that his hind legs were spread apart and he couldn’t stand up. His eyes followed my every move when I called York Animal Clinic to see if they could see him as an emergency. The doctor on call is Dr. Annie Bailey, said to bring him up right away. I’m certainly not a vet, but I know enough to know that this little guy had some serious injuries to his back side. Since this was after hours and there were no staff available, I asked if I could help hold the cat while she was being x-rayed. It was hot in there and of course I had to put on the 250lb lead jacket, well maybe not the 250lbs but it felt like it. She took various pictures and confirmed that he had a broken pelvis and one of his legs was damaged. During the x-ray I must have moved it wrong and instinctively bit my thumb and unfortunately it was like a garden hose, blood was everywhere, the floor, the cat, the x-ray table. Dr. Annie consulted with Doc Epp and it was decided that if you are willing to keep him in a shelter for 6 to 8 weeks until his pelvis recovers, an X-ray will be taken to see what can be done to the leg. The speculation may be that it will be amputated.

Noelle came and helped prepare the painkillers to take home. I took it the next day for IV fluids and fast forward for 5 days and this kitten is doing just fine. I put him in a house with wheels and he goes with me from room to room, he craves attention. And when I pet him, he purrs and kneads his little paws. Harley Barth, a YAC employee, named him Cleo and it really seemed to suit him. He eats AD’s canned food and Pedialyte.

I seriously believe that every cat or cat should have a chance in life. Little Cleo is no exception. York City Pet adoption is known for its compassion and dedication to animals in need. We can give you all the love and care, and if you would like to donate to his medical cause which is coming out in the next several months, I know we can assure this little man will have a bright future. You can tag your donation to Cleo @ 1611 Platte Ave. York NE.

Yes it will be day by day and yes my thumb bleeding has finally stopped and is as good as new…Cleo is safe and will get a second chance thanks to Susan, Crystal and Tom. Dr. Annie and York Medical Team. A special thank you to all of you who continue to support our efforts to alleviate the suffering of both dogs and cats. Cleo adds thanks by purring and kneading in his soft little bed.

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