PetSmart Veterinary Services puts veterinarians in charge of owning their own clinic

The independent business ownership model enables veterinarians to open practices at PetSmart store locations

PhoenixAnd the June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PetSmart is leveraging its size and scope to help veterinarians realize their dreams of owning a business with the launch of Pet Smart Veterinary Services (PVS). Through an independent business ownership model, PVS provides a complete solution for veterinarians to open their own practice, connecting pet parents with local, trusted veterinarians and the most convenient veterinary hospital locations within PetSmart Stores.

Individually owned veterinary practices are shrinking at a record pace across the country. With the consolidation of the industry, many vets were priced out and taken off the market. PVS allows vets to become independent and own their business, all at a fraction of the cost of starting a new practice on their own. Through PVS, vets receive support from an experienced team of dedicated industry experts as well as a location that can benefit from the built-in traffic of the PetSmart Store.

“PetSmart already has one of the largest veterinary offerings with over 700 partner veterinary hospitals within our stores providing convenient access to quality pet care,” said JK Symancyk, President and CEO of PetSmart. “Through the PVS independent ownership model, we can bring our size, capabilities and experience as a leading pet retailer to support veterinarians who seek the independence and rewards of owning a clinic. These efforts will provide critical veterinary care to the growing number of pets and pet parents and an important part of their growth strategy We have to give our customers all the products, services, solutions and care they need in one place.”

With space for veterinary hospitals within ready-to-fill PetSmart stores, each location will be outfitted with the latest and most efficient equipment for the vet. PVS will also provide each clinic owner with integrated marketing, IT, construction, training, reporting and ongoing consulting resources to allow providers to focus on doing what they love: providing the best patient care while building lifelong relationships with pet parents.

“We are on a mission to empower veterinarians and ensure greater access to pet care,” he said. John Burke, Senior Vice President, Veterinary Health Services, PetSmart. “We know that these doctors will Anything for pets – They are the people who interact with pet parents and provide expertise and care for pets of all kinds. with Pet Smart Veterinary ServicesWe are able to support them in achieving their dreams and help them thrive as coaching owners.”

Over the past several years, there has been an increase in pet adoptions and veterinary practices are busier than ever. Record demand for veterinarians’ services across the county could lead to burnout among veterinary professionals, as well as longer waiting times and more barriers to caring for pet parents. With PetSmart’s large network of more than 1,660 stores, PVS has the potential to greatly increase access to veterinary care across the United States, helping to keep pets and the doctors who care for them healthy.

To ensure the highest level of care, every PVS hospital will be required to maintain American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accreditation. AAHA is the only organization that accredits veterinary practices in the United States Currently, only 15% of pet hospitals are AAHA accredited, giving PVS Hospitals a competitive advantage and pet parents trusting the care their beloved pet receives.

d said Jennifer Browns, DVM, MPVM, Vice President of Veterinary Business Development for PetSmart. “Veterinarians choose this profession because we want to help pets and their parents by providing the best possible care. This designation is one of the highest honors a practice can receive and represents a sense of pride for veterinarians for demonstrating their dedication to medical excellence and patients.”

Veterinarians interested in learning more about PVS can find more information at

About PetSmart:
PetSmart LLC is a leading pet retailer providing products, services and solutions to meet pets’ lifelong needs. At PetSmart, we love pets and believe that pets make us better people. Every day with every connection, passionate PetSmart Partners help bring pet parents closer to their pets so together they can live more fulfilling lives. This vision influences everything we do for our customers, the way we support our partners and how we give back to our communities.

PetSmart operates approximately 1,660 pet stores in California United StateAnd the Canada And the Puerto Rico, plus over 200 PetSmart PetsHotel® dog and cat boarding facilities in store. We offer a wide range of competitively priced pet food and products, as well as services such as dog training, pet grooming, pet boarding, PetSmart Doggie Day Camp™ and pet adoption. All independent franchise ownership opportunities are offered through PetSmart Veterinary Services, LLC wholly owned by PetSmart.

PetSmart, PetSmart Charities®, and PetSmart Charities® affiliated with Canada Working with nearly 4,000 animal welfare organizations to bring adoptable pets to stores so they have the best possible chance of finding a forever home.

Through our in-store adoption program and other signature events, PetSmart has facilitated over 10 million adoptions, more than any other brick-and-mortar organization.


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