Philly Animal Shelters is looking for sponsors, adopters, and volunteers

PAWS is the city’s largest rescue partner and offers adoptions and foster care for cats and dogs, and the occasional small animal too, like guinea pigs.

PAWS Adoption Center at 2nd and Arch Streets in Philadelphia. (Kimberly Pinter / Why)

Like many other rescue organizations, it operates with the support of volunteers.

Volunteers “really help make sure that, while they’re with us, the animals can get all the enrichment, love, and attention they could possibly need while they wait for their forever home,” said Lamond, who started out as a volunteer. More than 14 years ago.

The same goes for Street Tails Animal Rescue at Northern Liberties, a center that focuses on dogs with medical conditions, who often have a higher chance of getting out of shelters.

Street Tails Rescue between 2nd and American Streets in Philadelphia. (Kimberly Pinter / Why)

The small non-profit organization run by two people needs outside help to take care of the dogs they rescue and they lack the necessary help.

“We really rely on our volunteers to have fun with the dogs and play with them and really engage their minds,” said Violet Cherpas, Adoption and Volunteer Coordinator for Street Tails, who like Lamond of PAWS, also started out as a volunteer before becoming a staff member.

Violet Cherpas, adoption coordinator and volunteer for Street Tails Rescue, is with pit-mix Destiny, a sweet girl who will soon be available for adoption through Street Tails Rescue in Philadelphia. (Kimberly Pinter / Why)

People interested in volunteering can sign up for at least one hour online – they can spend that time walking or cuddling the dogs. Cleaning and organizing is less fun, but it’s also important. Everything that is done makes a big difference, says Chirpas.

Street Tails usually houses nine dogs at a time. Now they have four, including Leo – a big, enthusiastic, mixed-breed tan dog who is VGB “certified” – a very good boy. and Destiny, a sweet white and chocolate pitbull mix currently recovering from being attacked.

Handsome Leo is a treat-loving mix available for adoption through Street Tails Rescue in Northern Liberties. (Kimberly Pinter / Why)

Both are available for adoption, along with Kermit, a chihuahua, and Chico, a terrier/pitbull mix.

“Having a pet is life-changing,” said Cherpas, who adopted Ellie, a Yorkshire mix from Street Tails. “I think having a dog gives you a lot of support in so many ways, and taking care of something else really makes you a better person…but dogs are also great,” she said, smiling.

Pit-mix Destiny gets some much-deserved love on a short stroll around Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties. (Kimberly Pinter / Why)

Those who want to support Philly’s furry friends but aren’t able to fully commit to adopting a pet just yet can apply to foster a dog – this helps them establish a good routine and sets them up for success in their “forever.” Adopted animals also go through a trial care period to make sure Even though the match “looks just right,” Chirpas says.

For those who can’t make the time to volunteer, but still want to help, both shelters accept items like cleaning supplies, blankets, and food, along with donations to support their work.

Musical Juniper Breeze expresses itself on the field at the PAWS Adoption Center in Old Town, Philadelphia. (Kimberly Pinter / Why)

But of course, the ultimate goal is to bring these loving animals into homes that will take care of them and show them love for the rest of their days.

“There are always animals waiting at the shelter,” said PAWS’s Lamond. “I promise they will be your pet and ready to come home with you, whether it is temporary or hopefully for the rest of their lives.”

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