Pink Sauce Chef explains how she went from Viral TikTok to Brand Deal

Which retailers specifically contacted you?
DN: I can’t say. that would be inappropriate, because we don’t have any agreements yet. But we have national retailers and national fast food chains that want the pink sauce immediately. They understand that this is happening right now. And there is conversation. He can’t come out next year. They will forget it. He has to come out now. So we are working on it at breakneck speed. We have stopped all our other projects and we are working on it every day to get it right.

Are you a bit worried about the longevity of this fashionable product?
DN: I’m not, because as Veronica said, it’s probably going to become a staple. There are other foods that have come onto the market, such as potato chips with interesting flavors, which [people] I never would have thought they would stick and get stuck. I have been in the food business for a long time. I saw, as you just suggested, that foods have a cycle. They are popular today, in three years less popular. A good food company is already thinking about what to do when this product starts to slow down. Veronica has a supply of ideas. It won’t stop at Sauce Rose, that’s what we can tell you for now.

Any clues as to what your other ideas might be?
CP: I can say that I’m putting out a cookbook for pink sauce to give people some creative insight into what to do with it. I’m really big on displays and presentations and stuff like that. It’ll give people insight like, “Oh, you can do that, you can do this kind of fancy meal, or you can have fun food,” you know, even down to kid’s food. Boys and girls love pink sauce, and also adult men, they like it as well as women. I literally gave men a taste of it. Men are practical and straight to the point. And their reaction is like, “Oh, my God, that’s really good!”

DN: I think the sauces category is a bit outdated, if I can use that word. Ranch dressing and hummus and, and guacamole… I’ve been there, done. And you start to see these new sauces, these new flavors come out. You know, David Chang with his little crispy red sauce that he makes. So what Veronica has done is tap into a flat category that needs waking up. She not only has a product that tastes great, but when you showcase it, it’s going to drive people to the product. And it works with vegetables, or it works with protein. And fries. I tried with all three.

So have you tried the sauce? Or haven’t you tried the sauce?
DN: Our R&D guy sent me his first two versions, version one and version two of the pink sauce, and I tried it and liked it. I want it to be thicker… We want it to be pinker and we want it to be creamier. But we don’t want to use mayonnaise to make it creamier, and we don’t want to use artificial coloring to make it pinker. So it’s really taxing for our food guys, our scientists, to figure out how to make a bright pink food that tastes good, doesn’t have greasy stuff like mayonnaise, stays on the shelf for two years, which tastes good after two years. It’s hard, and they work around the clock. I talk to them day and night, I say “Don’t stop until we have a version that I think is good enough to send Veronica over for her review.”

Do you have anything else to add?
CP: The pink sauce is here to stay. A cookbook is coming soon. People can also subscribe to our mailing list at

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