Planning underway for more paws and measures

For years, Kyle and Megan Casey have dreamed of opening a multi-tiered business serving dogs and their owners.

But even before that dream became a reality with the opening of Paws & Pins in mid-August, the couple began thinking about where additional venues could be located.

“We didn’t put much work into building Disneyland here to just get one,” said Megan Casey, co-founder of Paws & Pints, located on 7.2 acres at 6218 Willowmere Drive in Des Moines. , where it would be Paws & Pints ​​2.0 and then Paws & Pints ​​3.0.”

At least three other projects combining human and dog entertainment are doing well and are beginning to expand into new areas. A couple has partnered with companies that make dog food. Kyle Casey said the pitches’ concepts, though, are different from those of Paws & Pins.

“We are the first to do marketing in the country that has all services under one roof,” said Kyle Casey, citing our indoor Paws & Pints ​​dog park, dog daycare, grooming and training facilities. “We are proud of that. … the nice part of having all these services under one roof creates a steady cash flow and you don’t depend so much on the weather.”

An intern working for Paws & Pins this summer researched other potential locations including how many families have dogs, how much human owners spend on animals, city regulations on catering and drinks around dogs, and potential competition.

Kyle and Megan Casey said future Paws & Pints ​​could be located in the outskirts of a city, suburb or unincorporated area.

“We can put paws and pints anywhere; dog owners are used to getting in the car and driving to a dog park or to a pet-friendly yard,” Kyle Casey said. “We have members who live in Ankeny and Ames. …People are willing to travel to a place that provides the ambiance that we provide.”

Before Paws & Pins starts expanding, though, Caseys wants to make sure the Des Moines site runs smoothly.

Paws & Pints ​​includes outdoor and indoor off-leash dog parks with over 20,000 square feet of artificial turf, a bar and restaurant, day and night dog accommodations, grooming, a training facility and a retail store.

The focal point of the venue is a 3.5-acre garden with real grass and shade trees, a walking path for humans, and play areas for dogs. The park includes an interactive sprinkler pad, tractor tires for dogs to jump on or crawl under, a woodland gym, and a large partially buried concrete tunnel for dogs to climb and run. Colorful fire hydrants are scattered throughout the park. The grain basket has been converted into a gazebo.

Caseys’ partner in Paws & Pints ​​is Waukee-based JM Commercial Holdings LLC, whose owners are Matthew Gustafson and Jason Felder. The couple has experience in commercial land development including project management, according to the company’s website.

“Paws & Pints ​​seems to fit in what we’ve done in the past with other projects – an experience synergy where you have everything in one stop: boarding, training, grooming, food and drinks,” Gustafson said. “As commercial property developers, we wanted to be a part of that. After some other meetings, we brought some money to the negotiating table as well.”

Getting a new venture to open on opening day in normal economic times is tough. The owners of Paws & Pins said setting up an entertainment venue on undeveloped land during the pandemic has been challenging and stressful.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the project was held in May 2021 with the aim of opening the following May. Difficulties in obtaining supplies led to the hatch being pushed back twice. The building’s steel frame was ordered in February 2021 but didn’t arrive until December. The black fence that surrounds the outdoor playground took nearly six months to deliver, arriving a week before opening day.

Some things haven’t arrived yet. For example, the computer chip needed to turn off the facility’s lights has not yet arrived. The backup generator, which was ordered in March, won’t arrive until early 2023.

“The biggest problem was not having the materials delivered until we open our doors in May,” Gustafson said. It was just the conditions of the world. …it was all – steel, nails, windows. “

The public was almost as eager to complete Paws & Pints ​​as its operators. More than 210 memberships were sold out, even before the place even opened its doors. (Memberships are not necessary to visit Paws & Pins.)

The Caseys employed about 115 people to work at Paws & Pints, including a groomer, dog groomers, a chef, cooks, waiters, and wait staff. The pair did open interviews earlier in the summer at Foundry in Valley Junction where more than 70 people attended in the span of one week.

Paws & Pins attracted workers, in part, because of some of the benefits offered. Megan Casey said Paws & Pints ​​pays 75% of premiums to employees who work 30 hours or more per week. Free memberships to staff dogs are provided at the park and employees receive discounts on daycare, lodging, grooming, and at the retail store called Bonetique.

Imperial Dog Obedience, which used to be located in Ankeny, is now located in a modern space in Bowes and Pints. A veterinary clinic is also planned, Kyle Casey said. A slew of events including live music and activities surrounding the college football games are planned throughout the fall semester.

Casey said planning and building Paws & Pins during the pandemic and uncertain economic times has been challenging.

It was definitely time when we looked in the mirror and said ‘Are we crazy?’ said Kyle Casey. “But we persevered with the help of a lot of people.”

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Tabuk: 6218 Willowmere Drive

friends: Paws & Pints ​​LLC, run by Kyle and Megan Casey, and GM Commercial Holdings LLC

Developer: GM Commercial Holdings LLC

Architect: slingshot engineer

contractor: Downing Construction

hours: 8 am to 10 pm from Monday to Thursday; From 8 in the morning until midnight, Friday and Saturday; And from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to be a member to visit Paws & Pins? No, Paws & Pins offers daily passes to use dog parks. However, proof of vaccination is required for every dog ​​that visits Paws & Pins and every dog ​​will be checked for socialization.

Do I have to have a dog to visit Paws & Pins? number.

Are cats allowed? number.

Can corporate or other sponsored events be held at Paws & Pins? yes. To date, over 65 events including weddings and corporate outings have been booked in Paws & Pints’ Private Events Space.

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