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East Liverpool

On November 1st, officers were sent to the Vista Motel to remove a woman.

– On November 1, officers responded to a home on Moore Street to a report of someone kicking in a door in a vacant apartment. Officers entered the apartment and located two suspects, Jeffrey Powers and Lindsey Bebott, who had been taken into custody for criminal trespassing. After searching Powers, officers also found several bags in his pocket containing meth, fentanyl, and unidentified pills.

– On November 2, officers stopped traffic for a noisy vehicle and issued the driver a citation for driving without a license and for a defective exhaust. The passenger, Gage Gough, was arrested for active warrant. Officers searched the car and marijuana paraphernalia.

On November 2, after a traffic stop in a car with darkened windows, officers gave the driver a verbal warning.

On November 3, officers registered a report of theft from a balcony at a residence on Morton Street. A resident said she received a notification from Fed Ex that a package had been delivered. A neighbor reported finding a package with the resident’s address damaged under his car and placing the package on her porch.

– On November 3, a man came to the station to ask to remove his daughter from her grandmother’s house because custody had not been established with the grandmother. The daughter returned to her father.

On November 6, a woman reported that suspects previously arrested by police had returned to a house on Moore Street. Officers checked and made no contact.

– On November 6, the police received a call that someone had broken into a vacant rental property on Avondale Street and stolen copper wire. The suspects fled the scene.

– On November 6, police received a phone call that had been stolen from a car parked on Jennings Street.

— On November 7, a caller advised a horse trailer obscured the view when pulling off Charles Street toward the Rubicon. The officer checked and advised motorists were able to get a clear view.

On November 7, officers responded to a complaint of a disturbance in an apartment on Wilbert Street, and found a domestic dispute. The man was told to leave and leave.

– On November 7, officers responded to a call from a mother stating that her son was depressed and wanted to kill himself. Upon the arrival of the officers, the son was loaded into an ambulance.

On November 7, officers responded to a domestic dispute at a residence on Lincoln Street.

On November 7, officers responded to a call from a young boy alone in a Maine Boulevard parking lot. The event was handed over to his aunt.

On November 7, officers responded to a call from the Planning Department regarding a convict home on Monroe Street with a person possibly inside. The resident was advised to clean the property by Friday.

On November 8, officers were sent to a College Street apartment to obtain a report from a woman of someone entering her apartment and taking her clothes.

On November 8, officers were sent to a Brightview Drive residence by a woman who reported her cameras had stopped working to check on the home.

– On November 8, a man came to the police station to report that he had been threatened through Facebook. The man was advised how to apply for protection.

– On November 8, officers responded to a report of a break-in and robbery at Brightview Drive headquarters. A resident reported someone pushing the security camera and taking an X-box, clothes and other items.

On November 8, a school bus driver reported seeing a man who died in a truck near the Erie, Maryland bus station. Officers spoke with a man who decided to take a nap in his truck before heading to work.

– On November 9, officers sent to North Elementary for a juvenile were caught smoking marijuana in the bathroom. The child admitted to taking marijuana from his mother’s drawer and learned how to roll a joint by watching his mother. The mother was called to the school and advised that she could face potential child endangerment charges.

On November 9, an officer responded to a domestic dispute at a West Eighth Street residence.

– On November 9, a lady came to the station to report her car key.

– On November 9, officers were sent to Michigan Avenue by the parents of a son who was acting out. The son had marijuana on him and the citation and court date were issued.

– On November 9, officers responded to a domestic incident at the Shady Lane residence.

On November 10, officers were dispatched to the East Liverpool City Hospital area for a suicidal man who had escaped from hospital.

On November 10, officers were sent to a residence on Hill Street to carry out a welfare check on a suicidal event.

On November 10, officers were sent to State Route 39 to obtain a ladder en route.

– On November 10, officers were sent to Pennsylvania Avenue on alert.

– On November 13, officers received a report of a reckless driver on a Dresden street.

– On November 13, an officer received a report of a black Chevy Avalanche missing from Bates Street.

On November 13, officers received a call from a woman who said her ex-boyfriend had broken into her house, breaking windows.

On November 13, officers responded to a Smith Oil request to remove a man from the parking lot.

Liverpool town

— On November 17, police responded to a residence on Eighth Street to a report of theft. The resident reported his grandson’s dog stolen.

– On November 18, officers responded to the alarm at the Broadview Circle residence.

– On November 19, officers received a call from New Day Recovery that a man had moved away from the treatment center and the staff was concerned about his well-being.

– On November 19, during a traffic speed check, an officer noticed that a car was traveling faster than the posted speed limit. The officer stopped traffic and wrote a citation.

– On November 19, during a vehicle speed check, an officer made a traffic stop for a vehicle that had exceeded the speed limit and detected expired plates and the license plate light did not work. A citation was issued and a court date given for expired plates.

– On November 20, police responded to a private property crash on Pennsylvania Avenue.


On November 7, officers were dispatched to resolve a dispute between juveniles on Tenth Street.

On November 8, officers registered a report of harassment via phone and social media.

– On November 10, officers responded to a three-vehicle crash at a McDonald’s. There were no reports of injuries.

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