Private chef reveals the meals she cooks for guests

Private chef Karen Rosenbloom (@karens_cooking) has shared some of the dishes she cooks for guests, and they look delicious!

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Rosenbloom is a culinary school graduate and private chef who shares delicious recipes and enlightening snapshots of her life as a chef on TikTok. She works for chef Isaac Perlman, owner of the Perl restaurant in Miami, Florida.

Rosenbloom is a versatile chef who is comfortable doing everything from searing the perfect steak to baking a decadent chocolate cake. In a recent video, the talented chef showcased her cooking skills when she shared some of the delicious dishes she prepares for her customers when working as a private chef.

The video begins with a shot of Rosenbloom standing in a kitchen, a plate of tacos in front of her. On one side of the counter is a large container of guacamole, and on the other is a jar of chopped onions. Rosenbloom carefully pours the sauce over the tacos. Next, Rosenbloom uses tweezers to place a topping on a small piece of avocado toast. “Dishes I make as a private chef,” she shared in a caption.

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First up, Rosenbloom presents its tomato and burrata caprese salad. The chef adds a few basil leaves to a plate full of burrata and tomatoes. A close-up shows the burrata being sprinkled with coarse salt and pepper, and the tomatoes have been tossed with a vinaigrette. On one side of the plate, there are several pieces of toast.

Next, Rosenbloom reveals their salmon tiradito, featuring a vibrant leafy green salad and sliced ​​salmon. The salad sits in the center of an oval platter, while bites of salmon cut into triangles line the edges of the plate.

Third, Rosenbloom shows the first main course she prepared: A cacio e pepe pasta. Rosenbloom’s cacio e pepe is seasoned with pepper and lots of cheese, and it looks deliciously decadent.

Next, Rosenbloom reveals her steak and lobster dish, featuring sliced, grilled steak topped with lots of seasoned lobster meat. Several lemon halves give the whole dish a more vibrant presentation.

Finally, Rosenbloom concludes the video by showing off the lava cakes she made. Single-serve chocolate cakes are topped with ice cream for the perfect flavor balance.

TikTok users were all about these recipes

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Rosenbloom’s delicious cooking.

“[I] would devour it! commented a viewer.

“I will fly away so you can cook for me,” another TikToker commented.

“Yummmm,” another viewer wrote.

Rosenbloom’s kitchen certainly looks delicious!

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