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Protein is the latest buzzword in diets. Hunting and fishing are a way to change “ordinary” chicken, meat and seafood.

Kenneth Fry, an outdoor skills specialist, featured sauger with white cheddar grits and Creole sauce earlier this month at the Great American Recipe event at Carter Historic Farm. The Ohio Wildlife Division partnered with WBGU-PBS for the event. The event coincided with the launch of the new PBS cooking competition series “The Great American Recipe,” which airs Friday. WBGU-PBS viewers can watch live or stream for free at

“We wanted to show how delicious wild game and fish can be,” Fry said. “Hunting and fishing can be a great way to add protein to the dinner table.”

A dinner party near Lake Erie led Fry to create the walleye dish.

“My wife ordered a similar dish from a restaurant in Port Clinton and I tried it. The flavor profile was amazing,” he said. “I told her we had to try this with walleye. After a few tries, I made up the recipe and it’s a family favorite.

Fry has a tip for those who have shunned a fish dish.

“If you don’t like the ‘fishy’ taste, try ‘zipping’ your pickerel. Simply make two small incisions at the end of the fillet along the line of pink bone that runs through the center of the fish. Then gently separate the tenderloin and discard the bone line. This will make the walleye less fishy and eliminate small bones,” he said. “The Creole sauce really makes the dish.”

Fry, who is based at the Ohio Division of the District 3 Wildlife Bureau in Akron, brought the wildlife bureau’s mobile kitchen to the Bowling Green program.

“It’s a newer company and we currently only have one built for the entire state. It’s been very popular and has traveled statewide.

Fry grew up in the kitchen and has always had a passion for it.

“I learned to cook from different people. My dad was always cooking and bringing people together with his food,” he said. “I never pass up the opportunity to cook with someone new and learn new techniques.”

It gets its revenue from various sources.

“I draw inspiration for recipes from family and friends, restaurants, cooking shows – and I’m kind of old school and love old cookbooks.”

Fishing is nothing new to Fry, but he knows it’s not for everyone.

“I love fishing. I have fished all my life. I grew up in a family that fished,” he said. “But the Ohio Wildlife Division recognizes that not everyone grew up in this type of environment – but they may benefit from learning how to get started.

“We have programs and partnerships with groups across the state to help introduce people to hunting and fishing.”

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