Queer Eye’s Anthony Borowski and Jonathan Van Ness Launch Yummers Pet Line

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  • Queer Eye star Anthony Borowski and Jonathan Van Ness just launched a line of mixed foods for pets called Yummers.
  • The two stars were inspired to create Yummers because they have their own cats and dogs that they love to spoil.
  • This set of food wraps are meant to add a little extra temptation to your pet’s regular cat or dog food.

Anthony Borowski and Jonathan Van Ness have launched a new line of mixed-meal pets called Yummers. The “Queer Eye” stars teamed up with Rebecca Frechette Rudisch, who spent years as Petco’s executive vice president.

“It’s kind of our three-way loving kids, but with pet products,” Van Ness told Insider Reviews. The name comes from Van Ness shouting “yummers” whenever Porowski is cooking something on “Queer Eye”.

People spend a lot of time finding food their pet loves to eat, but Yummers take mealtime to the next level.

“I have long believed that Pet Space really deserves a brand that is all about highlighting the passions of pet parenting and really giving pet parents permission to go crazy and spoil their spoiled pets,” Frechette Rudisch said.

Food mixes, also known as toppers, add a little extra to a pet’s meal and are not intended to be fed in place of regular cat or dog food. All recipes are made in the United States with locally sourced ingredients.

What stands out about the line is that in addition to increasing mealtime, Yummers aim to support the animal’s unique nutritional needs. Products include both gourmet temptations and functional covers for cats and dogs. Functional wraps include supportive formulas for digestion, skin, hood, hip, joint, heart health, and calm.

“I have a knack for adopting cats who have some kind of bunion problem,” Van Ness said, which is why they were interested in creating mixed GI formulas.

Borovsky added that the pitbull mix, Neon, needs a lot of protein because it’s high in energy. “We found that our experiences were not unique; they were not unique,” ​​he said. “These are things that others need and want, too.”

The line launched today, and the mix-ins is available for purchase on the Yummers Supply Co. website.

Shop Yummers dog mix-ins here

Shop Yummers cat mixes

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