‘Red Bull Gives Putin Wings’: War Protesters Adapt Iconic Ad to Drinks Giant HQ

Outside Red Bull’s headquarters in Salzburg, protesters unveiled a 20x20m banner calling on the brand to operate in Russia – one of the biggest brands to still do so.

Russia invasion protesters spread ‘Red Bull give Putin wings’ message at Austria headquarters

The stunt, produced by Ukraine’s Solidarity Project, accused Red Bull of giving Putin wings – a play on the brand’s famous slogan – by continuing to operate in the country.

On the company’s website, Red Bull said it had “suspended all marketing activities and new investments in Russia in early March and to comply with all EU and US sanctions”. However, such action left the drink on shelves nationwide as Pepsi and Coca-Cola pulled out.

Activists traveled to Red Bull’s headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, and accused security of being more “concerned about us stepping on their grass than about the war in Ukraine”.

It comes after Nobel Peace Prize winner Oleksandra Matviichuk made a projected nightly appeal to world champion Max Verstappen at Red Bull F1 headquarters in the UK, saying that while the sport can be dangerous, it doesn’t It’s not as dangerous as being a Ukrainian. civil.

“Max, you are one of the main brand ambassadors at Red Bull. Can you ask them why they are still on sale when so many brands have pulled out? Why does Red Bull continue to help Russia finance this war? I believe Red Bull should give up Russian money but not people.”

While the racing team operates as a separate brand from the beverage giant, there’s enough connection to get the message across.

The Ukraine Solidarity Project said Red Bull is “one of the biggest brands in the world, and its decision to stay with Putin’s Russia is very significant. Companies selling their products there pay taxes to the Kremlin and report that they are comfortable with the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

The Drum has contacted Red Bull for clarification and will update accordingly.

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