Review: 22″ hot dogs, quirky water, acid pie, and more Killer BBQ Food Booth at Universal Studios Hollywood during Halloween Horror Nights 2022

Visit Killer BBQ Food Booth at Universal Studios Hollywood during Halloween Horror Nights 2022 for a slew of exclusive food items.

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Food Kiosk Killer BBQ 211623

22″ All Beef Hot Dog – $24.99

Food Kiosk Killer BBQ 211232

That’s a lot of hot dogs. And even with the size of this thing, they definitely pack a lot of “hot dog flavor” into the dog itself.

Keeler 211309 BBQ Food Kiosk

The Frankfurter itself is over half an inch thick and 22 inches long. Topped with just chipotle ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard, the spice kick from the ketchup is great, helping to bring some variety to the hot dog’s current flavor.

killer bbq food booth 211311

Overall, this dish is pretty powerful—like licking a drum of a 7-Eleven hot dog that hasn’t been maintained since Obama was in office.

killer bbq food booth 211313

If you’re in the mood for a hot dog, this will show up right away but the intensity of the doggy flavor means a little goes a long way. Oddly enough, the only entrance that wasn’t bland and tasteless in this stall had a very strong flavour.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich – $13.99

Boneless chicken dipped in Coca-Cola BBQ sauce with coleslaw and seasoned French fries

Keeler 210706 BBQ Food Kiosk

This was the only actual barbecue item on the menu and because of that, it was even more disappointing when it did disappoint. Everything tasted bland, like even the flavor of the chicken had been removed by alien Klowns. The barbecue sauce was almost flavorless, resulting in a moist, chewy dough made into the shape of boneless chicken. The cabbage on top was similarly tender, with a bit of a note of vinegar to distract from the very wet chicken. Overall, we were disappointed with most of the items in this kiosk but no more than this sandwich.

Download Mac N’ Cheese – $13.99

Mac and cheese covered with panko breadcrumbs and chili

Food Kiosk Killer BBQ 210825

This was also a similarly bland mac and cheese, topped with pale chili. The chili itself wasn’t nice, it was just average. The mac and cheese was not good. It was so flavorless that it could be enjoyed as much as regular elbow macaroni can be.

Food Kiosk Killer BBQ 210827

The combined experience of chili and mac has only helped bring down the average chili to the general level. This dish, and many others at this stall, seem to be the “lowest common denominator” of flavors taking no position in either direction – no particular flavor, no seasoning, nothing to remember fondly. They are all considered food but are so cute that they are completely boring.

Loaded Nachos – $13.99

Tortilla chips covered with cheese sauce, chili, sour cream and jalapenos

Keeler 210804 Grill Dining Room

These are classic cinematic nachos, with cheese sauce, sour cream, chili (like the mac and cheese above) and a hearty amount of pickled jalapenos.

Keeler 210806 Grill Pan

These were rather ordinary and nothing mentioned. But after a long night of escaping Killer Klowns and monsters, they’re good enough to satisfy a group of survivors who survive.

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Twisted Taters – $9.99

Your choice of buffalo cheese, BBQ, or truffle parmesan and black garlic

clan clan 2022 .9923

These were all very good. They are sliced ​​so thin that they are more like potato chips than french fries, which was our only sign against it. But that’s a minor note and the three were very interesting. Since this is the first time Universal Studios Hollywood has received Twisted Taters, a Universal Orlando Resort favorite, we can understand why it’s a quick favourite.

Blue Cheese Buffalo

clan clan 2022 .9927

This was good, with very complex seasonings and a nice buffalo sauce and vinegar. It brought some heat but it wasn’t overwhelming and was well balanced with the flavor of the blue cheese.

clan clan 2022 .9928

This was the best of the three, although it was a close race with BBQ.

BBQ Tatter

clan clan 2022 .9925

Another delicious show. Barbecue rubs contain a little heat, and are well-balanced but not overly salty, like many barbecue seasonings. The BBQ sauce on this aisle is much better than the BBQ sauce that was included in the wet chicken sandwich. It’s hard to say if this blue or buffalo cheese is the winner, but you can’t go wrong with either.

Truffles, Parmesan and Black Garlic

clan clan 2022 .9937

This was still good, although the least preferred of the three flavours. It’s definitely cheesy and the truffles come off well, which is always great.

clan clan 2022 .9939

But it didn’t wow us like the others and thus it was moved to the bottom of the list not because of anything wrong with it but only by default.

Acid Pie – $9.99

Apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream, watermelon cotton candy, whipped cream topping, black sugar crystals and maraschino cherry

Keeler 210558 Grill Pan

This was the highlight of this booth. The bottom layer of the pie is topped with stewed cinnamon apple and a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream, then surrounded by light whipped cream with cherries on top and a piece of watermelon cotton candy. The ice cream held up well and didn’t leak or shift the whole time we were eating all the other foods. This is all light, sweet, balanced and the kind of subtle treatment we’ve been hoping for. Watermelon cotton candy fits the theme well and has a great flavor, although it gets soggy and hard to eat in the end. Overall, this was our favorite treat from this kiosk and we will likely come back for this again.

Fanta Zombie Phase

Food Kiosk Killer BBQ 215555

This is an exclusive flavor of soda that can only be obtained through free-style Coca-Cola machines with your available event refill cup. Soda is dark purple in color and has a very strong and sweet flavor that almost tastes like melted gum worm.

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Tom Corliss called it “the Willy Wonka race,” which is also a likely apt description. Being so warm and walking in these sweaty, latex-covered homes, we were more in the mood for something that would hydrate and satisfy, but for what it is–happened for Halloween–it’s like drinking Halloween candy in a cup, and it’s convenient. We don’t necessarily recommend buying the refillable mug just to try this soda, but if you already have a mug, it’s definitely worth a sip just to say you’ve tested this exclusive flavor.

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