Reyer, new director of Heartland Healthcare | News

Heartland Healthcare Clinic (HHCC) is pleased to announce that Carissa Reyer will be the new Director of Heartland Healthcare Clinic on November 28, 2022.

A career in healthcare was never what Rare imagined herself to be. As a young woman, she found that her passion was more in journalism and editing. However, she soon discovered how rewarding it can be to work with people, and she said, “The positive impact you can make in someone’s life can make it all worth it, especially on tough days.” One could say that her first job at the age of 15, working in a Banks drug store, helped steer her into healthcare. Although she ran the old soda fountain shop that was located in the back of the store, the clientele likely consisted of several patients who had just left a doctor’s appointment to get their prescriptions. To keep her on track for health care, while still in high school and after working at Bankes, Reyer found herself working in the kitchen at Village Manor.

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