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ISLAMABAD- With rising mercury, unhygienic drinks and juices available on roadsides and outside various colleges and schools in the capital pose risks of various health risks to the people, especially children.
Most of the children buy these drinks and juices which are available at low prices daily outside their schools and colleges and end up suffering from various stomach related diseases including diarrhea.
It has been observed that majority of the vendors do not follow any safety standard while washing their utensils and reuse the bottles which transmit different bacteria and viruses to the customers.
A mother of school children said, “Consumption of all beverages increases among children during the summer season, and unhealthy beverages and fake juices cause various illnesses in them.
She said authorities must remain vigilant over the sale of unsanitary drinks and juices and take strict action against offenders to save children from health problems.
“During the last summer season, my son fell seriously ill after drinking a juice from the roadside stall, after which I forbade my children to buy such unhealthy drinks from the stalls” , said Akram Shah, a father of three.
“It is better for everyone to take early precautions than to suffer long illnesses afterwards. Diarrhea is very common among children during the summer season, so we should force them to consume only homemade products,” he observed.
Sajjad Khan, a vendor, said: “I try my best to ensure cleanliness when preparing drinks, but it’s hard to manage better quality with cheap rates.”
For only Rs50 to Rs80 how can we ensure quality, quantity and cleanliness all at once,” he said.
Speaking to APP, a UK-based health expert, Dr Shazia Siddique warned that substandard food and beverages can cause illnesses like typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea and different types of infections.
She said the proportion of such diseases increases to around 50% during the summer season due to the consumption of unhygienic food and drink.
She urged the government to order roadside vendors to adopt strict safety measures like using disposable utensils and properly covering edibles, otherwise impose strict fines on those who break the standards. of security.

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