Secret Starbucks Valentine’s Day 2022 menu?

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with gestures of love and delicacies. As much as we love heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, there’s something to be said for a Starbucks specialty drink to help kick-start the holidays.

Although there is technically no Starbucks Valentine’s Day Menuthere are a bunch of drinks, both on the menu and available as secret objects – which are perfect for celebrating the day of love. Whether you’re looking for a pink and red drink to match the holiday color palette or fancy a particularly decadent Frappuccino, Starbucks has more than a few options to choose from.

Since they may not be as prominent on the menu as, say, the new favorite brown sugar glazed oat milkshake Espresso (which, by the way, is 100% worth the hype), we have listed them below. Who knows, you’ll either find a drink to pamper your Valentine’s Day this February 14, or you might even discover your new favorite Starbucks drink. (And, if you go to Starbs often, remember: New Valentine’s mugs, cups and tumblers are starting to make their debut. Keep an eye on your local store to find yours.)

The Unofficial Starbucks Valentine’s Day Beverage Menu

Thanks to a global devotion to Starbucks, people around the world have offered a range of Valentine’s Day beverages at Starbucks. While these drinks certainly require a touch of finesse when ordering (considering they’re not unique options on the regular menu), they’re worth it whether you’re looking to make something sweet for someone. another or take a photo and have a sip for yourself.

Love Bug Frappuccino

Totally the bomb

According to people from Totally the bomb, the Love Bug Frappuccino is a creamy chocolate and strawberry frappuccino that will make any day that much sweeter. To try it for yourself, order a large strawberry and cream frappuccino with a pump of raspberry syrup, a scoop of java chips, whipped cream, a drizzle of mocha and cookie crumbs to top it off. the whole thing.

Frappuccino Strawberry Shortcake

Still on the strawberry theme, let’s eat cake shares the delicious Strawberry Shortcake frappuccino, which tastes like “our sweet old grandma’s strawberry shortcake if it had been put through the blender,” they say. To see if it lives up to those high standards, order a mocha white chocolate frappuccino with mashed strawberries in the bottom of the cup. Ask for a pump of caramel nut syrup mixed all over and whipped cream sprinkled with caramel crunch on top.

Strawberry cold infusion

If you love the idea of ​​strawberries in your Starbucks drink but need all the caffeine you can get, you can’t go wrong with the Strawberry Cold Brew. According to let’s eat cakeguests can enjoy the Cupid-approved blend by ordering a venti cold brew with three pumps of raspberry syrup, four pumps of white mocha syrup, and a sweet cream mousse mixed with a squirt of strawberry puree (to give it a nice pink tint) to High.

Other Starbucks Drinks Ideal for Valentine’s Day

If you’re a little wary of off-menu items, you still have options. The Starbucks Strawberry Acai Refresher is both delicious and the perfect shade of pink, and the beloved Java Chip Frappuccino is a mouth-watering treat for chocolate lovers everywhere.

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