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DETROIT LAKES – Snow shattered memories of blizzards from years past to kick off Pink Friday. The next day was followed by unusually cold temperatures, but the early arrival of winter could not prevent the inhabitants of the region from striking the city.

Sherri Marquardt was out with her sister, and both ladies were with their daughters on the fun shopping affair known as Pink Friday. When the Vergases resident explained what drew her to the shopping event, she did so by asking, “Did someone say, discount?”

Pink Friday had shoppers stop by for stamps at 12 stores downtown. After the stamp card is full, it can be entered to win a gift basket. The five winners of the $400 gift baskets were drawn live on the Lakes Chic Street group’s Facebook page. The group hosts the annual event.

While discounts and shopping are fun, Marquart’s daughter Sherry Mickelson said her favorite part of the day is “shopping with mom.”

Pink Friday was created by the Lakes Chic Street Group. The Downtown Detroit Lakes Business Owners Group has invited merchants to participate in a shopping event aimed at encouraging downtown shopping and introducing new customers to the merchandise available.
Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

Liz Pratt of Detroit Lakes and her daughter, Emma Pratt, noted that before the event, they hadn’t gone to a few stores that were offering stamps on their Pink Friday passports. They added that the service in the stores was memorable and attentive and that the items in the stores, whether clothing or trinkets, were all treasures.

“It was an amazing experience,” said Liz Pratt.

The morning started slow “because of the great weather,” said Shawna Rose, owner of Northbound Girl Apparel and Gift, but by late afternoon shoppers had made their way to the mall. Rose said the support she witnessed at the Pink Friday event was “amazing”.

Darcy Mortenson, assistant manager at Glik’s, reports that they’ve been busy “all day” so shoppers take a break at lunchtime and are likely to enjoy one of the many downtown restaurants.

Mainstream Boutique is located across the street from the mall. It was a slow start to the day, owner Barb Zhasky said, but things started to pick up in the afternoon. As soon as the words left her lips, the door knocked, and then he knocked again as the customers entered the store.

ChurchLadies. jpg

Glennis Olson (right) and Becky Esser were two of the many associates who made Grace Lutheran Church’s Holiday Bazaar successful.
Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

Aside from the downtown shopping experience, the Grace Lutheran Church along Roosevelt Avenue held its annual Holiday Bazaar. The turnout was strong in the mornings and people returned in the afternoon for the homemade knofla soup, Glennis Olsson said.

“That’s what we’re known for,” Olson said. “We see visitors all the way from Fargo.”

Another popular soup was served at the Lucky Dog Holiday Open House and silent auction event. Puppy Palace that offers training and boarding services has invited chili chefs to bring in their best soups for an annual competition.

LDChilli. jpg

Brenda Halpakken of Pelican Rapids served deer peppers to Eric Hatley’s chili while cooking chili for the Open House holiday.
Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

The chili has a great reputation, explained Eric Hatley, area manager for Strata in Detroit Lakes, because it’s been the event’s winner three years in a row.

“With any luck,” he said, “we’ll be four.”

The recipe is secret when it comes to the seasoning, but he did divulge that the meat he uses is harvested in the woods during deer hunting season.

“I’ve been creating the recipe over the course of several years, and this year my daughter got a nice profit,” he said.

sherDogSanta. JPG

K9 Baker County Sheriff’s Office Dorman got into the holiday spirit and posed for a photo with Santa at the Becker Pet and Garden. His handler, Ben Bruce, reveals that Dorman asked Santa for a new toy.
Contributed / Baker County Sheriff’s Office

Another pet-related activity was held around town at the Baker County Pet and Garden. The company has teamed up with the Humane Society of the Lakes and Santa to raise some funds for pets waiting for adoption. A cozy corner has been created where pets and their owners can take pictures with Santa. The keepsake was made for a small donation.

Joe and Gloria Schachneider bring their puppy, Calypso, to sit with Santa. While the pup was training for a while to be a service dog, Joe Schachneider realized this meant Calypso would need to let go of the cuddling some stranger wanted to show him.

“They have to be completely focused, so we decided to focus on visiting nursing homes instead,” he said, adding that there’s a good chance Calypso made Santa’s sweet list this year.

SantaPup.  jpg

Calypso puppy Joe and Gloria Schachneider sat with Santa Claus for a photo at Baker’s Petting Zoo. She recently took a trip with her parents down the Mississippi River while riding on the Goldwing.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

MallSign. jpg

Signs at the Washington Square Mall reinforced the fun attitude of shoppers during Pink Friday. Pink Friday encourages downtown shopping with a unique chance to win gift baskets.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

ChurchEvent. jpg

The Grace Lutheran Church along Roosevelt Avenue held an annual bazaar holiday and served plenty of knoephla soup.

Barbie Porter/Detroit Lakes Tribune

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