Sidel celebrates a successful drinking drink with strong customer participation

Sidel celebrates after a successful week of showing at Drinktec 2022 (between September 12-16) in Munich. Existing and potential customers met packaging experts at the Sidel booth, and there was a very strong presence that exceeded expectations for post-pandemic visitor numbers.

The Sidel booth showcased customer success stories from projects around the world, along with interactive multimedia presentations and demonstrations of advanced systems and services, linear engineering, digital and environmental solutions including aseptic production, sustainability, packaging optimization, and turnkey end-to-end solutions.

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It was an immersive experience for visitors to the booth, demonstrating the latest packaging equipment, and designed to engage all the senses. The response to this alternative approach to displaying packaging technology has been warmly received by customers and competitors alike, and comments at the show indicate that Sidel is now recognized as setting a new trend when it comes to displaying at an event in the packaging industry.

digital evolution

Sidel has offered first-class digital solutions that enable customers to meet challenges and reach peak production performance without compromising operational costs, product quality or environmental impact. The Evo-ON® suite of software provides powerful cloud computing and data analysis technologies.

Natalie Pereira – Vice President of Sidel Digital Portfolio, said her conversations at Drinktec focused on efficiency, time and cost savings:

“At Drink Tech, our customers tell us that no matter what challenge or decision they are facing now and whatever the topic, the really important factor is the need to be efficient and not waste time and money. They also want to make the right decision about getting their machines running at the right time. We provided Evo-ON® Visitor Software Suite; designed to oversee and improve line performance.”

She adds, “Through a unique cloud suite with built-in intelligence, Evo-ON® smart applications turn raw, unused equipment data into powerful knowledge that customers can use to achieve peak performance. Our customers are on a journey toward being more confident in using digital solutions to help them manage efficient reliability and safety of their lines and are beginning to realize that Sidel can provide them not only with useful data through the Evo-ON® platform but with the application expertise required to help them make smart decisions.”

In addition, Gabriele Gatti – Sidel Digital Product Manager said that customers’ confidence in digital solutions is growing:

“Collecting data on line performance is one thing; applying high-quality analysis that builds on years of existing experience in digital packaging is another. At Sidel, we do both, enabling customers to turn raw data into smart decisions. This is demonstrated in a combination of Our Evo-ON® Programs, where we have a range of carefully selected KPIs that we can make available to customers for use in their lines, and we are constantly creating and developing new ones.

He shares: “The most important takeaway from the conversations at Drinktech is that digital is moving from the personal to the industrial, with customers gaining confidence from ease of use with applications in their personal lives and realizing that these solutions can be applied at the business level as well.”

sustainable transformation

Environmentally friendly packaging alternatives have been demonstrated, from 100% recycled PET and lightweight primary packaging with strapped lids to improved secondary and tertiary packaging alternatives.

Francesca Bellucci, Director of Sustainability at Sidel, said that customers at Drinktec have been positively impacted by the focus that Sidel has placed on sustainability:

“Sustainability is a journey that Sidel started many years ago and therefore, we are already able to offer our customers a lot of fantastic savings in energy, water, chemicals and plastics. We have shown that we are serious about sustainability by setting our science-based goals; we are on a 1.5 path Degree in response to the Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reduce global warming and we are working to reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and Scope 3 by 25 percent.

She shares, “At Drink Tech, clients tell us that sustainability is a major topic on their agenda now. It started a few years ago with big companies, but now it’s scaling up to smaller clients. When they see we can offer them not only sustainability savings but also cost savings. The interest increases immediately.

Vincent Le Guen – Vice President of Packaging, Molds and Linear Solutions at Sidel said that many of the packaging conversations he had with customers at drinktec were about sustainability:

“Sustainability is really the way customers are, by improving packaging because they realize we can’t separate sustainability from operational costs. At DrinkTech, we have made a really good relationship between being more sustainable and lowering operating cost. I am confident that existing customers will And prospects will follow through on some of the conversations we’ve had because improving packaging will transform the line. Sidel is now demonstrating this by enabling customers to provide more sustainable packaging at lower operating costs.”

“For example, we have the new 1SKIN™ bottle without a label, and the 100 percent recycled PET bottle has attracted a lot of attention. It is designed for delicate drinks, the drinks inside, and a recycling plant with a strapped lid in line with upcoming EU regulations. We believe This will increase business for our customers and enable them to provide consumers with highly attractive and sustainable solutions,” he explains.

One of the things that stood out at Drink Tech in conversations with customers was that they were pleasantly surprised that PET is one of the most sustainable packaging materials today: Naima Boutroy, global packaging expert at Sidel, said:

“Customers were surprised that PET generates much lower greenhouse gas emissions than some other packaging materials due to the weight of the material as well as the ability to recycle and seal the ring to bottle. We gave some numbers and not many people we spoke to had Any idea of ​​the huge emissions savings from PET, especially when you add the 100 percent recyclability into the calculations.

“By using PET in conjunction with recycling and making bottles lighter, we can achieve significant carbon savings and can come very close to being carbon neutral. Another trend has been a lot of questions about the high cost of moving to rPET and how to offset that By improving packaging.


With 47 years of experience in aseptic packaging equipment technology, Sidel showcased for the first time the Aseptic Predis X4 its new development.

Customer needs are always evolving, said Guillaume Rolland – Vice President, PET & Sensitive Portfolio at Sidel:

Clients visiting our booth were very interested in solutions for sensitive products – so liquid dairy products, juices, nectars and soft drinks with many of them interested in investing in sterilization technology. There was a high level of interest in our new Aseptic Predis X4, shown at the event for the first time, a complete blow-filling solution incorporating Predis™ dry pre-sterilization.

“As always, these customers focus on food safety and quality, combined with easy-to-use solutions that allow them to be extremely flexible, giving them the ability to produce many different types of bottled products on their line. They are increasingly interested in The way Sidel’s digital solution, the Evo-ON® platform, supports our sterile equipment because it makes these lines safer and easier to manage,” he shares.

Complete Linear Solutions

Sidel has expertise and a comprehensive range of services in every related field, including line concept, engineering, line control and automation, packaging technologies, and equipment.

A lot of the feedback he got from customers at DrinkTech was that they were really looking for complete line solutions: Philip Leclerc, Vice President of the Line & Can & Glass Portfolio, said:

“They were also happy to hear that we are more than just a PET company with a much broader offer when it comes to packaging solutions. We also heard that the way we presented our innovations and capabilities has been very beneficial to customers. This is because we offered an animated and interactive “Dual Digital” video On a touch screen, where it was possible to see an overview of how the entire line worked or to zoom in and look at the details of the device – for example, to see how the fill valve worked.”

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