Soft Drink Sales Statistics 2022 Facts, Trends and Demand Analysis


Soft drink sales statistics: This report will present you with figures researched using certain tools to give you an overview of current soft drink sales statistics. Today, soft drinks are consumed by the majority of people. Whether at a party, an office meeting, a restaurant visit with friends or family, or just a day at home. Soft drinks are mostly made with water and added some flavor with artificial sugar or natural sugar. Soft drinks are consumed all over the world with an increasing rate of consumption day by day.

Current fashion

After the pandemic days, people have become more curious about health. Therefore, they shifted their preferences to healthier products like organic fruits and juices. The demand for healthy drinks even increased when different flavors were introduced in the market. Apart from that, the following chart shows you the current trend of consumers’ favorite drink compared to others, according to the data received from Branddirectory.

    Soft drink Sales statistics Current trend

The table above shows the current classification of non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Each ranking has a huge profit resulting in $35,379 million from Coca cola.
  • For Pepi and Redbull, the rate of profit amounts to $20,712 million and $6,892 million.
  • Redbull recorded a slight drop in its final profit, as it stood at $8,143 million during the year.
  • Nescafé made an annual profit of $6,425 and $6,277 million for Monster.
  • For Gatorade, Sprite and Dr. Pepper, the annual profit amounts to, $5,276M, $4,997M and $3,973M consecutively (all amounts in US dollars).

As shown in the ranking above, Coca-Cola is still preferred by people around the world, followed by other beverages.

Demand analysis

Analysis of the demand of previous years compared to the current situation in India compared to global consumption

Analysis (All figures represent sales in Indian Territory)

  • The per capita consumption rate in India is expected to reach 3.91 liters in the year 2022.
  • By 2023, the soft drink segment is expected to grow at a rate of 2.4%.
  • Considering the year 2026, the segment will have a Growth of 6255.2 ml.
  • By 2026, outdoor consumption such as bars and restaurants will increase to 2% in volume of consumption and seven% expenses.
  • Considering global consumption, the United States tops the list in soft drink segmentation.
  • The Soft Drinks Market is Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 4.18% considering the years 2022-2026

Soft drink sales statistics in India

Total Revenue by Type (India)


  • Considering the above comparison, carbonated drinks are more in demand than energy and sports drinks and non-carbonated drinks.
  • From the year 2013 until the following 3 years, the revenues of carbonated soft drinks were managed from 2.37% to 2.80%.

Whereas, as of the year, the soft drink segment grew at over 3% and is expected to reach nearly 4% of revenue.

Total users by income (India)



  • In India, high-income consumers prefer carbonated soft drinks more than other segments, at 40.2%, reaching almost half of the total.
  • The percentage for soft drinks is 33.8% and 26.1% for middle-income consumers and low-income consumers respectively.

Total users by gender (India)


Global soft drink sales statistics


  • The graphs above show that the United States of America is number one for soft drink sales in carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, followed by Japan and China at 318.50, 61.58 and 55, 78 respectively.

Most demanded soft drink in India (2021)



  • Maaza is the best seller in India at the moment. He has a 29.7% market share followed by Bisleri.
  • According to the report of 12,000 crore sealed juice market, 75% dominated by mango flavored drinks.
  • In FY21, Maaza earned approximately 2,826 crores observing the pandemic situation.
  • Maaza’s revenues are expected to reach more than 3,000 crores as the warm season approaches around the world. Coca-Cola in 2022
  • As the year progressed, Coca-cola increased its ranking to the top by making a profit of $35,379 million in 2022.
  • Today, coca cola is the first carbonated soft drink in the world to have 45 percent on the part of volume.
  • During the pandemic year, coco cola focused its e-commerce strategy to increase online sales and expand its digital marketing investments.


As check the current situation, the world is facing a pandemic situation, hitting many businesses. As the report shows, Maaza became the first soft drink brand where it dropped its number extremely below the top 10 when the name disappeared from the list in 2022. The global bestseller ranking was again replaced by Coca-cola gaining popularity during the initial phase of the pandemic year


According to the above market research, Coca-Cola will dominate the market as it has already introduced a coke-free flavored soft drink. Today, people prefer products without added sugar or products without sugar. Therefore, the measure taken by Coca-cola will help them increase their income worldwide.

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