Stacey Solomon’s £39 DIY ice cream maker is a godsend for the coming heatwave

Georgia Brown

Stacey Solomon is full of ideas on how to keep her four kids Leighton, Zachary, Rex and baby Rose entertained – and her latest video proves she really is the DIY queen.

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The loose women the star delighted fans with a funny video of her and her fiancé Joe Swash enjoy a fun family activity on Saturday. Stacey’s sister, Jemma, threw a joint birthday party for her kids and found a very exciting DIY ice cream roll kit for the kids to enjoy.

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However, Stacey and Joe soon found themselves stuck, heading to the Pan-n-Ice station to whip up their own ice cream rolls.

“Joe and I are the biggest kids here. Jemma found a little business that lets kids make their own ice cream from whatever ingredient they like. So Joe and I have an ice cream,” a- she wrote on her Instagram Story.

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Stacey showed off her homemade ice cream rolls

“Look at my rolls though. Joe thinks he won, I think he needs tbh goggles,” the mother-of-four added.

Stacey’s funky DIY ice cream kit is the perfect activity for hot summer days in the garden – and it’s only £39.99 on Amazon. The fun kit includes an ice cream roller plate, two spatulas, an instruction manual, a recipe book and a free Pan-n-Ice voucher that you can take to any brand salon in exchange for free ice cream.

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Easy to use, all you have to do is freeze the pan in your home freezer, then pour in the Pan-n-Ice ice cream mix, add your favorite treats (Oreos, Nutella, fruit, etc.), to roll your ice cream. and you are good to go!

Fun for the whole family, it’s a great way to keep the kids entertained over summer vacation, and you’ll thank your lucky stars during the heatwave.

Pan-n-Ice Ice Cream Rolling Machine, £39.99, Amazon


In February, Pan-n-Ice shared the most beautiful photo of Holly Willoughby and her daughter Belle using the event mold to create a delicious batch of ice cream at home. Filled with all sorts of chocolate treats, the pair had Reese’s Chunks, sweet sauces and Nutella bars ready to mix.

If it’s good enough for Holly and Stacey, it goes straight to our cart!

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