Starbucks Barista Reveals Worst Menu Item To Make: “A Special Place In Hell”

A Starbucks employee has shared his thoughts on a type of drink he doesn’t like to make, describing customers who order it as deserving of a “special place in hell.”

TikTok user @alewhatsup works at a Target Starbucks and sparked a fierce debate online after announcing the drink she hates making.

Sweetened cream cold foam is a relatively new item on the Starbucks menu, but @alewhatsup explained that customers ordering it with their drinks are making themselves unpopular. “There’s a special place in hell for people who get cold, sugary foam on their drinks,” she wrote with on-screen text over a clip of herself in her Starbucks uniform.

A Starbucks employee has shared his thoughts on the type of drink he doesn’t like customers ordering. A generic image of a Starbucks drink.
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The post gained over 800,000 views but left a sour taste in the mouths of many. Although the barista didn’t elaborate on why she doesn’t like making soft cream cold foam, comments left by others suggested the reason was the need to use and clean a high-powered blender. speed for such a small amount of product each. time. To make sweet cream cold foam, vanilla syrup, milk and heavy cream are whipped in a cold foam mixer.

@alewhatsup didn’t predict the backlash from his dislike of the menu item, however, responding, “People are serious about their mousse I guess.”

For many, the video was a reminder of how many baristas apparently often feel about customer orders, with one writing: “I’ve seen baristas roll their eyes/make fun of me for having ordered an item directly off the menu with no personalization…makes me think you should just stop.”

“I swear to god every barista here makes me feel uncomfortable ordering literally ANY drink,” another added.

However, other baristas were split on @alewhatsup’s take on making sweet cold foam, with some agreeing and listing other tough options, while others encouraged customers in the comments to keep ordering what they like.

“Strikes or refreshments with cold foam make me want to quit on the spot and that’s all people order now,” one user wrote.

“It’s the worst when you make a batch and then a ticket prints out with cold soft cream froth right after you clean the pitcher,” another barista commented.

“When people get cold salted caramel mousse,” added another, which @alewhatsup described as the “worst” write-up: “My eye literally twitches when they ask for that during a rush.”

“As a former Starbucks barista ORDER WHAT YOU WANT BABY IT’S OK,” another user said, giving another take.

Newsweek has reached out to @alewhatsup and Starbucks for comment.

Starbucks baristas have become commonplace on TikTok, posting content surrounding their work and often, their views on it. In 2021, a Starbucks barista went viral on the app after showing off the “grossest” drink he’s made.

The barista started with what seemed like a regular fruit drink, using mango and dragon fruit juice and lemonade, making it almost a classic mango and dragon fruit lemonade refreshment. A shot of espresso was then introduced, poured and shaken into the mixture.

“This is so disgusting, seriously,” the barista wrote, describing the drink as “mango dragon fruit with espresso.”

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