Sue plated owners to amplify the relationship between food and mental health

The owners of an Upper Arlington restaurant that focuses on locally sourced, pesticide-free foods will launch a foundation in August they hope will help facilitate conversations about mental health and the role of nutrition in overall wellness.

Since opening SOW Plated in stores on Lane Avenue in July 2019, John and Sunny Fahlgren have strived to “celebrate dining at the highest level” with a menu that focuses heavily on natural and local offerings.

SOW is an acronym for Sustainability, Organic, and Wellness.

The couple plan to continue the message that healthy eating can help promote a healthy body and mind by creating the Wall of Hope Foundation, which John Valgren said will strive to provide fresh, high-quality, nutrient-rich meals for families struggling with mental health. crisis while also educating people about the critical role of food in improving mental health.

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