Sydney’s mum shocked after she found 37 full hair ties lumped in her cat’s stomach – an exclusive ‘rat bag’

socks, pens and hair ties; They will forever be among the cursed items that always seem to be missing in the depths of the unknown, no matter how powerful your enterprise system is.

Well, now we know where, exactly, they’re roaming–or, in this case, to whom the rogue hair ties are roaming. in. And eight-year-old Piri Padula happens to be a Burmese catnatural.

Nirmal didn’t just swallow a single hair tie. He, in fact, swallowed 37 of them, and only when the Greencross Vets clinic opened him up did they realize he didn’t, in fact, have a cancerous tumor, which they were worried about. Fortunately, his tumor was benign, but it consisted of some unexpected elements.

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Perri Padula with her eight-year-old ‘ratbag’ cat, Nermal. (supplied)

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“He’s an interesting little guy, of course he must be my cat,” laughs Padula to 9Honey. “When that happened, I was like, ‘Yeah, that makes sense. “

Padula has previously caught Nermal playing with hair ties in the past, and while she has been vigilant putting her hair ties away in a closed container, she has two young daughters, aged four and two, which complicates matters when it comes to keeping track of their hair ties.

Along with her two girls and Nirmal, Padula has a husband, another cat, and a dog at home. There is not much she can do.

Nirmal, for his part, is not entirely innocent. Padula calls him her “naughty boy” with “bad behaviour” – something she and her family consider endearing.

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X-ray of Nirmal
Nirmal’s X-ray revealed a mass in his stomach, although the vets didn’t know what it was, thinking it could be a cancerous tumor. (supplied)

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“It’s an absolute rat bag,” Badula laughs, explaining how he always drops himself on someone’s head when there’s a perfectly comfortable space on the sofa nearby. “He’s a great personality.”

The recent absence of his aforementioned personality is what led Padula to the fact that something “wasn’t quite right”.

In early September, I noticed that Nirmal seemed “a little off-putting” and that he had lost quite a bit of weight and muscle strength.

“He didn’t look right,” Padula recalls. So, I took him to work to get him checked out, which the team at the Greencross Vets clinic gave him an x-ray.

“He has early kidney problems, so I wanted to get him checked out and make sure his kidney function wasn’t deteriorating,” Padula says, noting how he had a blood test initially, but the team decided he needed more diagnostic tests after that. They noticed that he was in pain when they were trying to examine his tummy and they felt tenderness.

An X-ray showed a mass in his stomach, although the team didn’t realize the mass wasn’t a cancerous tumor as initially feared until after it opened the next day — it was a mass of 37 hair ties. They didn’t believe it.

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“The team was like, ‘Oh my God,'” Padula laughs. “The fact that he’s still eating and drinking, not vomiting…I’ve been a veterinary nurse for 15 years is unprecedented.”

Dr. Lind says Evans, a senior vet with Greencross Vets and works on Nermal, said 37 hair ties is “a lot.” While it’s not unusual for cats to love to play with (and eat) hair ties, the most Evans heard about eating was 20 years old.

“It’s not very common, but we do see it occasionally,” Evans tells 9Honey. “Cats really like it for a reason.” “I think their chewing can be a bit like grunting and stuff like that for the teeth or also like banging around, it’s a bit like a mouse, basically, they play with and then they hunt as well.”

Padula thinks Nirmal’s Everest’s hair ties were a four-year buildup of snacks, and neither she nor Evans can believe he showed no signs of irritation earlier, nor that the hair ties didn’t travel to his gut, which could have been be bad news.

It’s usually a sign that something isn’t right if a cat isn’t normally “disturbed” by eating it but “gives up its food,” says Evans, which Nirmal did. More serious signs apart from a change in appetite include vomiting more frequently than usual, which Nirmal wasn’t, or if there is noticeable pain in one area of ​​the body when she goes to pee, which Nirmal had when people tried to touch his stomach . .

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Nirmal has, according to Padula, “a great personality” and the loss of that alerted her that something was wrong. (supplied)

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Padula herself wasn’t actually a part of the surgery, and said she “couldn’t be in the same building” because of her anxiety. The surgery lasted 45 minutes, and Nirmal was picked up the next morning – however, Padula confirmed that although it was a short operation, Nirmal had undergone major abdominal surgery.

“I think a lot of people forget these things because the animals are so hardy,” Padula says, explaining how ensuring Nirmal recovers well requires a medical strategy and a lot of work.

“Maintaining pain relief, and being calm is a lot easier said than done,” she says. “We put him away and he had his time. It’s over 10 days now after surgery, and you wouldn’t even know he had it. He’s a completely different cat.”

“I was very, very lucky, I don’t know who was watching me, but I was very lucky it didn’t cause any damage to his intestinal tract. It was all in his stomach,” says Padula.

Ultimately, she warns other cat owners to always take them to the vet “if you think something isn’t right, even if you can’t put your finger on it.”

“If you are worried about things, [it’s] It’s best to get her to the vet sooner rather than later,” Evans confirms. Because maybe we can consider more prevention and avoid surgery. “

Evans also advises looking into pet insurance if you know your cat tends to “do things like this” in order to mitigate the potential costs of subsequent medical care.

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