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“It’s Always Sunny” Musical: Lots of Promotions and Few Surprises

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia Principals Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day have worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, so they’re at least generally familiar with how some fans interact in the presence of celebrities. However, they were hardly expecting a louder audience response from their first live performances Always sunny podcast over the past few days.

Last Saturday at the Louisville Festival, Bourbon & Beyond, McKellenny, Horton and Day were greeted as nothing less than a rock goddess by 3,000 fans crammed into a tent normally used for bluegrass performances. Underwear was thrown onto the stage, along with a random assortment of other clothes (“the problem with wake-up culture is that we order underwear and bras and get sports jackets,” McElhenney joked before donning an ill-fitting beige jacket). Women sobbing joyfully in the front row. Today he sat at the piano and played tracks from show classics like “Marry Me” and “The Dayman” from 2008. Nightman comes episode. fans in always sunnyFashion that indicates that she is making her way forward until she breathes after tasting the new Sunny– Irish whiskey of the Four Walls brand, which also had a large presence at the festival.

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It was a pure, absolute, joyful mess, with Sunny Producer/Writer Megan Gans bravely tries to maintain some semblance of order for a program that usually consists of summaries of unwritten talk shows recorded in a real podcast studio. (self-produced Always Sunny Podcast The combined average viewer/listener is 2 million viewers across Spotify, YouTube and Simplecast — metrics that put it in the top 1% of all podcasts.)

Charlie's Day at the Piano in Louisville, Kentucky (Photo: Yvonne Googlelet)

Charlie’s Day at the Piano in Louisville, Kentucky (Photo: Yvonne Googlelet)

“What the hell are we doing? What or what he is These?” Horton asked the crowd without any hint of sarcasm. It’s a question they were still trying to answer two days after their all-sold-out shows at the Met in Philadelphia, which carried 6,400 tickets and sold so much merchandise that the line was wrapped around the interior of the building to Upstairs How do you recreate the longest running comedy series in TV history (15 seasons and counting) into something that live audiences can see and feel?

“This whole thing was proof of concept,” Horton said. yarn Over whiskey, beer and cheese after the second Philadelphia Show on Monday. “To some extent, we were getting over it. We’re trying to figure out, does this work? Is this a thing?” Today he added, “Louisville was crazy. It surprised us a little bit. We’ll have to cut it together to see if we can stream it.”

At the Met shows, McElhenney, Howerton, and Day walked on stage to Brotherly City-appropriate love sounds from Boyz II Men’s “Motownphilly” and built the flow around performances and memoirs around the first and second parts of the season four episode Mac and Charlie Day. They created interactive moments along plot points, such as installing a fake glory hole in a door similar to the one in Paddy’s Pub office and inviting audience members onto the stage to see what would happen if they got too close. Ganz also played hilarious fake FaceTime calls from actors Jeffrey Owens (recast Sunny Roles as impersonators of Donovan McNab and Tiger Woods) and Keir O’Donnell (a reference to his character Jean’s bizarre European sex parties).

The real Don Cheadle appeared on video at the end of Monday’s show, repaying a years-old joke that Owens once claimed to be him. Howerton seriously wondered aloud who determined whether the advertised flavor of dog and cat food actually tasted such an ingredient, and McElhenney became emotional when he recalled the number of Philly locals who put out Christmas decorations in mid-July when always sunny Filmed a holiday episode in the city. The shows ended with McElhenney and Howerton firing at the audience with powerful T-shirt weapons while Day was exploding Sunny Tunes on the piano. By then, the field was wet with beer, and the men in Philadelphia Eagles jerseys were tolerating each other as if McNabb had just thrown a game-winning touchdown pass (the Eagles were playing at the same time as the scoring, fortunately beating the Minnesota Vikings 24-7 The fans were informed of the event by the “touchdown Eagles” stinger that was played in real time).

McElhenney, Howerton, and Day’s only ex-personal extensions for always sunny In 2009, when they took a short tour to perform the musical inside the episode of Nightman comes. McElhenney said about how this process revealed the true level of Sunny fandom in the world, “That was before social media, so you didn’t have an actual relationship with fans. It was just anecdotal, like when you meet people on the street.” Howerton added, “Everyone was singing with us at the first Los Angeles show in Troubadour. It was the first time we were like, ‘Oh my God! We might have gotten hit and nervous.'”

Andy Mendelsohn, director of Longtime Kings of Leon, started working with the trio last year and encouraged them to think about what a live show could look like. With lucrative offers for a proper podcast tour trickling in, McElhenney, Howerton, and Day are now focusing on how to put together the best version of everything they do. No matter what happens, they’re committed to keeping the focus on the natural interaction among themselves – three close friends talk about comedy, creativity, and whatever else is on their minds.

“I think it’s a new medium in a way, right?” said Day. “It’s not stand-up comedy. It’s not theater. It’s not a rock show. So what is it? We’re figuring out as we go on. It’s a great opportunity to be entertained.” “The past few days have been fun no doubt, but it should be Good Also,” Howerton agreed. “In an ideal world, a podcast would be interesting because you watch people whose shows you like and see their interactions in real life. It’s not that different from the conversations we have when we’re not on the microphone or in front of the camera. This thing you did about cat food and dog food wasn’t quite a bit. That’s the kind of thing I’d ask guys, like, who really tastes this stuff? ”

To McElhenney, who can currently be seen opposite Ryan Reynolds on the football-themed Hulu series Welcome to WrexhamAny excuse to get creative with Howerton and Day is worth pursuing, especially when the early live audience responds positively. He said, “I appreciate every moment you spend with these guys…just hanging out and talking.” “If this is where the next ten years are going to end, then I am now. I can’t imagine a better life.”

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