The Argentines were shocked and saddened by the loss to the Saudis in the World Cup

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) Oscar Lopez has tears in his eyes as he washes the windows of the Buenos Aires building where he works as a supervisor.

The 67-year-old, an Argentine fan, was visibly upset when he reversed the national team’s bitter 2-1 defeat, which Saudi Arabia delivered on Monday at the World Cup in Qatar.

But Lopez said the preference for Argentina over the Saudis was no excuse.

“If they are in the World Cup, there is no easy team,” Lopez said. “You always have to be careful.”
Most of Argentina are up early to watch the 7am game and the long-awaited debut for Lionel Messi’s side. Many walked into bakeries in Buenos Aires in light blue and white shirts to get snacks.
Cheers were heard in the streets as the match kicked off. More noise followed when Messi scored early in the game, and the noise of air horns permeated the morning air.

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