The best blender for smoothies and other frozen drinks

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OWe’ve all been there: you head to the fridge, looking for a refreshing treat for a quick breakfast or an afternoon pick-me-up, but the options that await you are utterly unsatisfying. Your cooler might be filled with iced tea, cold water, crisp lemonade, or an alcoholic beverage — but what you really want is something with texture. A berry smoothie for a snack, or a more filling peanut butter and banana creation. Some might say the best blender for smoothies and other frozen drinks is the one on your counter, available when you need it most. However, we would say there are levels to this device; and you can taste the difference. Of course, the beauty of a blender is that the drinks you crave are readily available at the touch of a button. But that doesn’t mean you have to take a full license to think about these devices in such a simple way. The best time to learn about the features, functions, and attributes of your blender is long before it’s unboxed and set on your counter. If you fancy turning your kitchen into your personal Jamba Juice, you need to make sure you have the right tools for the job.

What makes the best blender for smoothies?

Home blenders have been around since the 1920s, but that’s no excuse for modern models to function as if they still serve malt milkshakes to the clappers. In our age of technology, blenders can be used for so much more. Some styles, for example, may be able to handle 14 different speeds – and that’s important because some fruits and vegetables require more intensity to really shred. Likewise, mixers can do more than, well, mix. You might find yourself using the device to puree food, crush ice, knead dough, or turn piles of casseroles into a luscious, creamy soup. So not only is speed important here, but so is the operations your mixer is capable of.

Yet, while you want to consider power and purpose, there are also subtle things you need to keep in mind. The larger the mixer, the more difficult it will be to move or store it. Do you prefer a tidy and tidy kitchen? Then the last thing you want is a heavy blender that needs to be a permanent counter to use. And your blender might be powerful, but if it roars like an airplane every time you try to whip up a simple smoothie, then you might find it (literally) too much of a headache to function normally. That said, we’ve considered size, sound, and situational use to find you some of the best blenders for smoothies and other cold, refreshing drinks. Whether it’s a night out in the garden calling for handmade fruit drinks or a post-gym protein shake, these machines will become your new favorite.

1. Best Overall Smoothie Blender


Ninja Professional Compact Blender – Amazon, $119.95

From a personal point of view, there is no versatile blender that does it better than this one. compact version. You can see a bias towards Ninja devices in this list, but the brand has earned this recognition for two reasons: Ninja’s quality and durability are second to none. With an 1100 watt motor, this blender is sturdy enough to turn a glacier into the base of a protein smoothie (but don’t try that because we need the glaciers).

Seriously, six blades are all you need to whip up a big batch of smoothies quickly, but if you want to make a small portion, two individual 16-ounce cups are also included (with to-go sip lids). In addition, this Ninja model has one of the largest capacities on the market. The dishwasher-safe pitcher has a maximum liquid capacity of 68 ounces, and the Ninja Professional stands just 17″ tall. That’s a tall glass of water…or daiquiri…or pinotglue…

2. Best Budget Blender


Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher – Amazon, $42.99

As consumer reports That’s it, some blender models can cost up to $600! At this price, we’d probably rather go out and pay someone to make us a margarita. However, with the cost of frozen drinks these days, you might just be looking for a reliable and affordable drink mixer that will still save you some cheddar. Look no further than the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusheran inexpensive blender fully capable of whipping up a fantastic queso (now we’re talking real cheese, not your money), salsa, or an afternoon berry smoothie.

The sauces are fantastic, but you came here looking for the best mixers for drinks. For the price, there are no better devices than this. The 700 watt motor is powerful but also quieter than more boastful blenders. Your smoothie ingredients never stood a chance. The Wave Crusher has 14 settings to crush whatever you need, including ice for a cold hit. Its glass jar measures 40 ounces – a perfect in-between size that won’t stain after continued use. And Wave Crusher is more than just a name. By continuously directing ingredients to the blades, the patented Wave Action system reduces your need to stir everything you mix.

3. The Best Multi-Purpose Blender

best buy

Ninja Mega Kitchen System 72 oz. Blender – Best Buy, $199.99

Our love affair with Ninja devices continues. The Mega i kitchen systemThis is ideal if you are interested in the Ninja Professional but have a larger family or more culinary needs to satisfy. At 1500 watts, the motor is a more powerful sprayer than the original, and the 72 ounce capacity gives you all the room you could need in a blender. Plus, depending on the type of smoothies you’re making, you’ll have the choice of a four- or six-blade rotation, which offers multiple advantages for crushing easier-to-blend foods or harder foods like large chunks of frozen fruit. . The smaller number of blades work like a food processor, while a dough blade is also included if you want to use the device for cookies, crusts or bread making. Unfortunately, this system is not ideal for hot drinks or soups. Ninja does not recommend adding high temperature liquids to the blender.

4. Our choice for a high-end blender


Gemini Finallygy Electric Blender – Amazon, $299.95

Many blenders on the market look like what you would expect from a blender too. The powerful blender from Zwilling, however, is a bit different: it’s an aesthetically pleasing mixer, but the looks aren’t superficial. This machine is worth its money.

If you read our suggestions for kitchen knives, you might notice a particularly familiar logo on the knob of this blender. Sure enough, the sharp blades of the fins are designed in Germany by none other than the same company that produces Henckels knives. You can take this as a sure sign that the chopping, slicing, and cutting ability of this device is as good as it gets. In fact, the Enfinigy can even be used to grind coffee beans to a fine, espresso-style consistency. This is a tricky task given that the motor is very powerful at 1400 watts. Overall, the design will fit right in with any kitchen style, but with 12 variable speeds and 6 presets, you’re sure to remember your new appliance’s unique capability.

5. Best blender for small spaces

Bed bath and beyond

Magic Bullet 11-Piece Personal Blender and Blender Set – Bed Bath and Beyond, $49.99

This magical little device will make you sing oh-oh, and honestly, you’ll never believe it’s not. Although the magic bullet doesn’t have a ton of power (250 watts) or a very large capacity (ranging from 10-18 ounces), the 3.75-pound weight makes it the most convenient option for quick and easy blending. Also, the motor has high torque, so in this case, low energy does not translate into poor mixing. In fact, you’ll have super-smooth shakes, smoothies, and juices quickly and with the easiest cleanup possible. This is the best blender for smoothies if you live in small spaces like dorm rooms or studio apartments.

6. Best portable blender for on-the-go smoothies

Bed bath and beyond

BlendJet 2 Portable 16 oz. Blender – Bed, Bath & Beyond, $44.99

If one of the best smoothie blenders had to be more convenient than the Magic Bullet, it’s this BlendJet. The battery is rechargeable via USB-C, which means you can really pick this thing up and go. This same power bank packs over 15 mixes per charge. Fill it with all the ingredients you want to mix, then press the button when you’re ready. That means frozen drinks, post-workout refreshments or even fresh baby food are available where you need them most, no plug-ins required. The shatterproof jar and leak-proof lid provide protection from messes, which is important because the 1.34-pound weight is light enough to throw in your front bag without a second thought.

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