The first harvest of fresh Dutch garlic goes to the big chef

At Biesheuvel Garlic in Slootdorp, the harvest of fresh Dutch garlic is in full swing. “We are in the middle of the harvest,” says Arjan Biesheuvel. He brought the first crate to Grand Chief Onno Kokmeijer last week. According to the grower, the coming weeks will show what the harvest will look like. “At first it was dry, but a few weeks ago we had 70mm of rain here. However, in recent weeks it has started to dry again.”

For Arjan, there was a period when he was not sure if he could start harvesting. The garlic grower had invested in a new harvesting machine, but delivery problems with parts of the machine almost put a stop to his work. A Pink Innovation employee came to the rescue. As a result, there is now a black machine driving around North Holland with a striking pink drain. “It’s quite a spectacle,” laughs Arjan.

“We are looking forward to the season with confidence. The whole chain was empty, so we can start supplying people with fresh garlic again. Besides, I don’t expect too many people during the first weeks. Germany in particular is becoming more and more self-sufficient. Once the German growers loosen up, we can really get going,” says the grower, who sells to exporters, packers and supermarkets in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In the Netherlands, surfaces remain fairly stable for the time being. “It takes a lot of labor and capital to start growing garlic. Prices are currently at the same level as last year, but costs are much higher. Customers expect you to supply all year round, so you need to invest in CA Cells, among other things. That’s why there aren’t many new players,” says Arjan.

The first garlic of the great chef Onno Kokmeijer

Arjan does not grow organic garlic himself, but buys it from other growers to process into fresh garlic puree. “Mash is becoming a larger and larger item and we continue to develop our range of fresh garlic products. In this way, we control the chain from cultivation to the final product. And we continue to promote our product to Every day I still tell people that fresh garlic doesn’t make you smell and our product is essentially different from two bulbs in a net.”

“Partly thanks to our participation in Faia Food, we are making significant progress in this area. I am very excited about this collaboration. With four very different companies – besides Biesheuvel, Waterman Onions, Roussel Onions and Sawari Fresh make also part of this consortium – we are building something beautiful together. The cooperation immediately creates opportunities to further develop our flavor products. Basically, we are creating a whole new category of products for retail and catering.

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