The Girl Scouts set up a community food store in Macomb Town

Macomb Township, Michigan. – The Girl Guides They are so much more than just amazing delicious cookies. It is about gaining experience and learning lessons; Sometimes, these are life lessons that can help others.

Local 4 asked a few of the scouts in charge of the pantry why they joined the scouts.

  • Meet new friends.

  • Lots of fun activities.

  • to help the needy.

Elizabeth, Tessa Roth, and Eleanor are just half of the 76580 Girl Scouts.

“This is the night side,” said Tessa Roth. “All our names under the stars are dire.”

The girls showcased what they built to earn their bronze award. They came up with the idea of ​​building a pantry for a camping trip.

“One of the unique things we did in building this project was that they learned how to build and use their hands and use tools, and not many kids their age do that,” said Scout Leader Jim Defleshware.

“We had to build it completely from scratch,” Ruth said. “We painted it, had to cut the wood to size and put the planks in.”


“Things went smoothly,” Develscheuer said. “They loved it. They had so much fun doing it.”

Well, there was at least one thing that wasn’t fun, according to the Girl Scouts.

“Sandy,” Ruth said. “Sanding for sure because it makes your arms really hurt.”

Devleeschouwer says someone donated a kitchen cabinet to help, but they bought the rest of the items with money from cookie sales.

Besides receiving the bronze awards, the girls wanted to help others, whether it was local families or fellow students at Ojibwa Primary School.

“We hope to be a self-sufficient pantry for food so that people in the community can come and donate as soon as they come in, drop food when they see it going down and when people need it, no questions asked, just they are,” Defleschwer said.

“That’s just kind of the way it works,” Ruth said. “Someone may take something, and someone may leave something. It’s just an infinite loop, you know.”


Hopefully the need is not infinite, but sure enough, the human spirit was involved.

“It seems our hard work has paid off,” said Ruth. “Yeah, no more sanding.”

To get the initial amount of food, the Girl Scouts had a food drive, and they received a great response from that.

Devleeschouwer told Local 4 that when they went out to check out the pantry, they had more food in stock a day later.

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