The historical festival is scheduled to take place from 29-30 July in Mackinaw City

Mackinaw City – The Mackinaw District Historical Society and Heritage Village will welcome people to the 17th Annual Mackinaw City Historic Festival on July 29-30.

The fun will start from 6-8pm on Friday, with a fun evening that will feature a picture-perfect pet show and hot dog dinner. Event-goers are encouraged to bring their pets in a parade around the Heritage Village.

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“This is our first pet review,” said Angie Murthland, a teacher and historian for the Mackinaw Area Historical Society. Our volunteer Megan Michalak organized the event.

Several prizes will be given to the parade, including the smallest and largest pet on display, the best tail wag and the best expression on the pet’s face. A panel of three judges will award prizes for each of these categories.

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