The huge tarantula woman who took a picture is hard to see

Laura M. often goes jogging near her home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is used to seeing all kinds of wildlife along the way. While they respect all creatures, great and small, spiders definitely get rid of them, especially tarantulas.

In the final round, Laura had a good rhythm going until someone unexpected and a little terrifying crossed her path.

Laura (who asked that her last name not be included) told The Dodo: “I ran along a winding part of the driveway, and a large spider startled me and I thought to myself, ‘Well, at least it wasn’t a spider. The spot tarantula crosses the road slowly, maybe 15 feet. I immediately froze, stopped my watch and stared at it for a few seconds, rethinking all of my life choices. The tarantula also stopped moving and was watching me in return.”

When Laura stood frozen on the road, engrossed in staring at the tarantula, she decided her only option was to take a picture so everyone would know how big and scary he was when she lived to tell the tale. In the end, the tarantula decided he had had enough and moved on, and Laura ran as far away as she could. Later, she worked up the courage to check out the photos she got, and got a little upset when she saw the results.

“I was a bit disappointed that it looked so small in the photo compared to real life, but the iPhone zoom feature isn’t all that amazing and I wasn’t willing to get any closer to get a better shot,” said Laura. “I saw it with my eyeballs, that was enough.”

Laura eventually found it kind of funny that the tarantulas looked so small and threatening in the photos. She posted one online and sent it to her friends and family, and it ended up getting mixed reactions.

“My husband commended me for his bravery, and my family and friends told me to go back to the Midwest, where there are no tarantulas, and the lovely people on the internet couldn’t find the tarantula in the photo I posted, which was equal parts horror,” said Laura.

It’s hard to spot the tarantula in the photos Laura took, but he’s definitely there, and he’s no doubt wondering why a random woman stopped by to take a picture of him just minding his own business. They both had quite a story to tell their friends later.

Although Laura would have liked to have taken better pictures, she doesn’t feel the need to hunt for tarantulas again. She knows it was huge, and that’s all that matters.

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