The Humane Society of Logan County is asking for help as they take care of dogs from a mill

Logan County, Kentucky (WBKO) – The Logan County Humane Society of Kentucky is asking for help as it continues to care for dogs from a mill located in the county.

After receiving numerous tips, the Logan County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search warrant at a home on Milton Sharp Road regarding animal neglect. The dormitory belongs to Perry Shevlet, who is currently accused.

Once there, officers found a puppy mill where nearly 100 dogs and puppies were kept in poor conditions, including cages stacked on top of one and the other and little food. Officers assess the dog’s level of abuse and injury. Based on the findings, the officers will file criminal charges with the Logan County District Attorney’s Office.

This is still under investigation.

According to the social media posts, the dogs are all currently safe at the shelter but supplies are needed to help care for the more than 100 dogs.

“These first few days, this first week is going to be crucial for us to keep records and organize all the animals here. It’s big enough on a day we got 10 intakes,” said Ray Wilson, director of the Logan County Humane Society. Obviously, it’s going to take a lot more manpower, than we can provide for our employees.”

Wilson said the windmill was found after it was found by animals.

“Basically, there was a search warrant that was executed. Once we got to the scene, there were all these animals here,” Wilson said. “We suspect that many of them have not seen the light of day. So we knew we had to act quickly and get them out of there.”

It’s been more than 10 years since the last Logan County puppy mill rescue operation, in which more than 400 animals were rescued from an 82-acre mill.

“You can’t predict the future, there’s always something else out there. But I don’t want there to be more situations like that, obviously,” Wilson said.

With limited staff and resources, the shelter has reached out to the community for help.

Obviously we need hands. “This is one way the public can help,” Wilson said. “I mean, just one hour of your time does a lot for us, especially with all the animals we have here on top of the animals that were brought in.”

Wilson said cash donations would also be helpful to cover the dogs’ various expenses.

“Financial donations go a long way for those vet bills. Just for the animals that got in, we’re looking at roughly $15,000-$20,000 that we’ll have to use for the vet so he can see them and diagnose what’s going on with them.”

Wilson said that while the situation was stressful, the orphanage is working together to get it all done.

“It’s obviously a very emotional situation, and it’s something that weighs heavily on everyone here. If it didn’t happen, we wouldn’t be here. But it’s one of those things where we share stress, and it makes it a little easier on everyone.”

The shelter has specified that they prefer sending financial donations via Paypal, to ensure that the funds are received as soon as possible. Wilson said the shelter will also accept donations of supplies.

Required items include:

  • Disposable puppy pads
  • Dry and canned puppy food
  • Dog shampoo
  • Flea and tick products that are not dispensed over the counter.
  • wire boxes
  • Plastic plates for food and water
  • nail clippers
  • Sliding collars and leashes

Items can be delivered to the shelter at 1230 Morgantown Road in Russellville.

For more information about donating and turning into a foster home, visit here.

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