The man behind Bestro is launching a NEW menu in Prestwich

Owned by the duo behind Deansgate’s The liquor storePrestwich Social has enjoyed a few months of triumph in the neighborhood after opening its doors last December.

From quizzes to live music and Sunday roasts, the wonderfully laid-back vibe is an ode to its creators and recently Prestwich Social hosted former owner of Bestro, James Taylor as brand new head chef.

James Taylor will be a household name in Manchester’s foodie world, as his career began in pop-up restaurants at one of the city’s OG street food venues, Guerrilla Eats.
He then took the concept across the North under ‘Bangers and Bacon‘, which was a street food pop-up serving delicious steak entrees and homemade pork platters, as well as loaded sandwiches, philly cheese steaks and more.

With the success of Bangers and Bacon, James, alongside his wife Heather and good friend Richard Brown, opened Bastro at Spinningfields, which has quickly become one of the city’s most established independent restaurants.

His menus emphasized fine street food with meat and vegetarian options available. Using local produce, James and the team have created customizable lunch options, as well as unique versions of pub classics such as bangers and mash, fish and chips and steak and eggs.
Unfortunately, as COVID hit, Bestro made the difficult decision to permanently close its doors. Speaking to Facebook, the company said: “Unfortunately, even with our best efforts, it proved unsustainable to continue negotiating. We started Bestro with an ambition to grow and a passion for hospitality, a dedication to amazing ingredients and a love for honest cooking. We are extremely disappointed to leave this way.

At a difficult time for everyone in the hospitality industry, James then began working on outdoor TV restoration for productions such as the BBC’s Dodger, Sports Personality of the Year, and guests at an intimate concert by Gary Barlow before reaching out to his good friends at Prestwich Social.
James has known restaurant owners Doug and Brett for years, and as the duo began to form the basis of their new menu, James became an important part of the restaurant’s development.

“I was very happy to be approached by the Prestwich social team. I have known the guys for a while now and this was exactly the new challenge I was looking for. The new menu has some of the favorites from the previous menu, as well as new dishes that I helped develop,” he said.
The composition of the new menu is a combination of pub classics, unique street food flavors and friendly sharing trays. In James’ own words, the new menu “strives to use the freshest local ingredients to handcraft your favorite dishes to beautiful quality in a friendly, relaxed environment”.

The menu of small plates consists of dishes including one Scotch Egg with Bury Black Puddinggluten free Cod croquettes and Brioche toast with king prawnswhich form the basis of a great snack menu alongside a few pints on a warm evening.

Diving into the big plates, James has brought all of his Beastro expertise to Prestwich Social, focusing on local ingredients and a seasonal approach to cooking.
The restaurant’s bread comes from Thatcher’s in Stockport, sausages from Grandpa’s sausages and its vegetables are delivered from Strawberry Catering based on the fruit and vegetable market in Manchester.

Its meat comes from Jack Wood based in Failsworth and fresh fish from sail brand based in Huddersfield. Local ingredients are then skillfully transformed into dishes with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Some of our favorites from the larger plates on the new menu are the Thai Coconut Salmon (£13.95) – a salmon fillet cooked in a banana leaf served with mango salsa and rice – and the Sweet potato and cauliflower curry (£12.95), which is an aromatic homemade curry finished with coconut milk and served with basmati rice and toasted flatbread.
The Mediterranean Sharing Table (£19.95) was also amazing, and it’s a new concept from the Prestwich Social team to create a sociable and sharing experience for group meals. The boards are perfect for diving in while having a drink on the patio in the summer with a group of friends, and also come with Pub, Wing and ‘Dirty’ options.

James’ influence on Prestwich Social’s new menu is evident, with him elevating once uninspiring pub grub to new heights using seasonal twists and flavors. Prestwich Social also hosts weekly quizzes, shows and very impressive cocktail trees – which make the space an inviting destination to unwind at any time of the week.

Prestwich Social is open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Friday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. Book your table now via the link below.



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