The new rules for winter layering

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One of the things we love about winter: getting outside means something different for everyone. But the only thing that unites us is the search for comfort. Whether winter days entail supercharged ski turns, pounding on a slick bike, traversing snow-covered trails, or cruising straight from skis to skis, maximum comfort comes from smart layering. Here’s how to choose and manage everything from what you wear next to skin to what protects you from the elements.

The basics haven’t changed. Start with a base layer that provides warmth and manages moisture next to the skin. Now add and remove middle layers as conditions change, and always think preemptively: remove a layer before you start to sweat and add a layer before you get cold. what she has change? Smartwool’s new Intraknit™️ Merino Midlayers from Smartwool, which up your layering game with cutting-edge innovations like 3D knitting that allows for targeted breathability, insulation and articulation, all with minimal seams for total comfort and virtually zero manufacturing waste. When worn over Smartwool’s Intraknit™ base layers, which debuted in the 3D wool-knitting process, the new Midlayer collection makes wool-over-wool layering better than ever—a snug fit, outstanding temperature control.

Yes, it is as convenient as it looks, and The new Intraknit™ range from Smartwool has an option for everyone and every activity. Merino Midlayers come in all sizes, including plus sizes, and are available in three specific systems: Sport, Tech, and Fleece. Combine it with the Thermal Base Layer Kit, and you have the perfect system.

How it works

The problem of traditional base layers? Purely synthetic fabrics can feel waxy and cool on the skin, and some wools can feel heavy and weighty when wet. Smartwool’s Intraknit™ thermal base layer collection solves these problems through key innovations, such as the combination of merino with stretchable polyester fibers and elastane. This means you get the best of both worlds – the softness of Merino combines with the durability and quick-drying performance of additive materials. 3D yarn is woven for the perfect fit, even when wet, and strategic body mapping enhances breathability, insulation, and mobility.

When worn over Smarwool’s Intraknit™ base layers, the new Midlayer collection makes fleece-over-wool layers better than ever – a snug fit and outstanding temperature control. (photo: Smartwool)

Then, enhance your experience by layering on any of the new Intraknit™ Midlayer layers—sport for lightweight, packable protection, technology for unrestricted movement and warmth without the bulk, and Fleece for start-and-stop activities—all with a 3D knit for optimal comfort and breathability. They are precisely engineered to fit together the Intraknit™ thermal base seams, to align the vent panels and joint points for a perfectly functioning system. Bonus: Select Intraknit™ midlayers feature wind protection and abrasion resistance, and some even have a water-repellent (DWR) treatment that sheds snow and rain, so they can serve as outer layers, too.

Why Merino?

What makes merino wool the best choice for winter layering? First, it has a natural ability to regulate body temperature. At the microscopic level, the individual porous fibers allow air to pass through, so wool garments are highly breathable. The same permeability means that the wool draws the hot steam from your skin into the fibers themselves, while the airflow prevents you from feeling sweaty. Merino is also incredibly soft – the fine New Zealand wool fiber that Smartwool uses is one-third the diameter of a human hair. Plus Merino has natural odor fighting abilities. It’s also renewable and biodegradable, which makes it a great textile that’s good for the planet and good for performance.

Absolute finesse

Intraknit™️ Merino Midlayers defy traditional layering categories. They provide warmth, like a thin puffy jacket, but are more breathable and won’t overheat you. They provide comfort, like a comfortable sweatshirt, but with better insulation and fit. Whether you prioritize soft natural fibers or best-in-class mobility, Intraknit™️ will become your go-to layer for skiing, snowshoeing, riding, sleighing, traveling, hiking, and lounging—all winter long.

It’s the new way to class. And she will never return.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Smartwool is a sock and apparel brand whose products are designed to make the most of the benefits inherent in merino wool and to bring comfort, confidence, and community to a life lived on the outdoors. For information on the full line of Smartwool products, visit

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