The New York Times Cooking brings recipes to life with a fall tour and new cooking kits

This fall, New York Times Cooking is touring the United States to host its first series of in-person cooking events and to celebrate the release of its custom cooking kits for home cooks of all skill levels.

“We’re excited to bring recipes to life this fall in new ways – sharing culinary experiences through in-person events across the United States and delivering chef-curated ingredients directly to home kitchens.” , said Genevieve Ko, associate editor of the New York Times Cooking. “We invite anyone who loves food to cook with us and find joy in cooking. I can’t wait to hit the road and connect with even more members of our cooking community. »

Accompanied by guest chefs, The New York Times cooking team will host in-person events in three cities.

  • Los Angeles (September 24, 2022): Genevieve Ko and TOIRO Kitchen owner Naoko Takei Moore, also known as Ms. Donabe, will host an intimate lesson in the art of cooking with a donabe – the Japanese hot pot “everything is fine”. Naoko’s TOIRO kitchen will make an appearance at Steez Studios, fully equipped with ceramics, textiles and donabes, with special take-home items. Naoko will prepare dishes with the participants to taste together at the end of the course.
  • New Orleans (October 1, 2022): New York Times food writer Yewande Komolafe will host a class with James Beard Award-winning chef Nina Compton from Compère Lapin. Chef Nina will guide guests through a cooking class centered on Caribbean Creole cuisine. The interactive two-session course will take place at his restaurant, Bywater American Bistro, in the city’s Bywater neighborhood.
  • New York (October 6, 2022): New York Times Food reporter Priya Krishna and James Beard Award-winning chef Chintan Pandya of Unapologetic Foods will host a tasting and conversation showcasing the cat – one of India’s most versatile types of snacks. The event will take place at the New York Times Cooking Studio Kitchen. It will be the first time the Studio Kitchen opens its doors to the publicgiving attendees a behind-the-scenes look at the space where the team creates recipes, in addition to home kitchens.

The tour will conclude at the New York Times Food Festival on October 8 in New York City.

Those unable to attend this fall’s in-person events can still participate from home with the all-new New York Times Cooking Kitchen kits. The kit selection includes: a Donabe Essentials Kit, curated with Naoko Takei Moore, a Caribbean Creole Cooking Kit, curated with Nina Compton, and an Indian Pantry Kit, curated with Chintan Pandya. Each kit will include exclusive recipes with access to video tutorials and direct links to New York Times cooking recipes that incorporate the selection of specialty ingredients included. Visit The New York Times Shop today to be notified when kits are available for purchase and to be one of the first to receive a kit at home.

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