The Queen’s pet dog, Candy, steals the show as she surprises her during their official engagement

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the Queen gently before Her beloved dog, Candy While viewing memorials at Windsor Castle, ahead of the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne on February 6.

On Sunday, she will make history as the first British monarch ever to rule for seven decades. Prior to that date, Buckingham Palace shared a photo of her slapping a dorje — a cross between a corgi and a dachshund — as she watched a display of memorabilia from the previous jubilee celebrations last month.

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Her inquisitive pet was clearly keen to have a look too, as he trotted to the Oak Room at Windsor Castle to join her mistress. “Where did you come from?” asked the Queen, giving her a stroke, then added, “I know what you want,” The old dog also got lost again.

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The Queen has owned over 30 corgis and doggies during her reign, and so does Candy, she has a baby corgi called Moik and another corgi puppy.

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The new photos were taken before the Queen left for Sandringham, to celebrate her historic milestone at the spot where her father, King George VI, died in his sleep in the wee hours of February 6, 1952. The anniversary has always been poignant. to the Queen and traditionally spend it privately.

Poignantly, in these photographs, she is seen wearing a pair of aquamarine and diamond clasp pins by Boucheron, given to her by the late king on her eighteenth birthday in April 1944.

The Queen hits her pet dog Candy during a souvenir show

Her Majesty clearly enjoyed reviewing some of the thousands of cards and artwork sent to her by well-wishers over the years. She laughed at one of the cards celebrating her 2002 Golden Jubilee. Made from eight bottle caps including milk bottles, Coca-Cola and Schweppes, it read simply, “Ma’am, You’re the Blaze.”

“This is good, simple but genius,” the Queen told Dr Stella Panayotova, Librarian and Assistant Royal Archives.

The show also featured a Golden Jubilee message from a nine-year-old boy named Chris, entitled “Recipe for a Perfect Queen”. “This is very interesting, isn’t it?” The Queen laughed when told the ingredient list included “500ml of royal blood”, “a pinch of jewels and fancy gowns” and “a batch of allegiance”.

She enjoyed going through the cards and artwork sent to her from previous jubilee celebrations

Her Majesty was also shown Platinum Jubilee cards and recipes and photos for the Platinum Pudding Competition by chefs who rose to the challenge of creating an unforgettable dessert fit for Queen and nation.

She became queen overnight on 6 February 1952 when her father, the King, who was being treated for lung cancer, died at Sandringham in the wee hours. Princess Elizabeth was then in Kenya on a tour of the Commonwealth with the Duke of Edinburgh and upon hearing the news, immediately returned to London, where she was formally proclaimed Queen the next day.

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