The Rotary Club of Tarrytowns helps fund a new high school press fund and donates a “small free food pantry”

May 29 2022

By Robert Kimmel-

Contributions can come from the Rotary Club in Tarytowns in large or small groups. Atop the stands of the soccer field at Sleepy Hollow High School is one of the largest: a new, spacious press box. On a small plot of land in front of Tarrytown’s Village Hall is a small, newly placed pantry.

Despite the differences in size and purpose, these new structures have one thing in common. The new press fund was created in part with a donation of $25,500 from Rotary Club; The store was a gift at a nominal cost to the Rotary Club for the benefit of the community.

Last week, Rotary members gathered at a tape-cutting press box and heard Sleepy Hollow High School Athletic Director Michael Arias describe how the media would be in a good position to watch and report on the matches below and how the new speaker system would broadcast announcements to the assembled audience.

“We are very grateful to Rotary for their unwavering support to our students and programs over the years,” said the District Director Christopher Borsari. The press fund, he added, “will have a lasting impact on our students and villages for many years to come.”

Rotary celebrates its 100th anniversaryThe tenth In community service, Rotarian JoAnne Murray suggested that the organization make a “significant donation that serves both communities.” Club president Mimi Goodwin admitted she was aware that the school district was making plans to improve sports facilities. “Since this would benefit the two villages, I contacted Director Bursari with a proposal that Rotary make a significant contribution to building the new press fund. Mr. Bursari, also a Rotary member, was pleased with the proposal. It is very exciting to see the new press fund and to know that the The club helped bring this to the communities.”

The Little Free Food Pantry outside Village Hall provides a means by which food and other items can be made available to those who lack the means to purchase such items. One of the storeroom doors reads “Take what you need”. Written on the other door, “Donate what you can.”

The new little food pantry in Tarrytown

Rotarian Larah Alami is credited with the idea of ​​making such a pantry locally available, and to follow it through to completion. “I’ve already read about the Little Free Pantry movement online and have been thinking about it for several years now,” El Alami said. “Finally, I heard about grants available to Rotary to implement such projects and asked the club if I could apply for this project,” she explained. “We got the grant, matched the money as required, and got it all set up.” The store was built by Antonio Cabintree of Sleepy Hollow.

The service will be officially launched in June, when Rotary will activate a registration list of local people and organizations to monitor on a two-week rotation basis. Rotary is also adding a function on its website to allow the public to donate funding to buy food. Rotary members will shop to keep the store full. The club is asking the public to “please encourage friends and family who wish to help feed food insecure people to make a donation on the website.”

The Little Free Pantry (LFP) movement began six years ago in Fayetteville, Arkansas, when a woman set up an “accessible” wooden box as a pilot project for serving food, personal care, and paper tools. It grew from there. “LFPs are small, which limits their quantity and variety,” says its mission statement. “Brick and mortar pantries are better at meeting common needs, but some fall into the cracks,” he explains. “LFP is a safety net.”


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