The Scoop on a Moody’s Twist

Jessica Beck (left) and Dan Beck stand outside A Twist of Moody’s on July 18. Jessica Beck is the manager of the ice cream stand, a subsidiary of Moody’s Diner, which Dan Beck owns. (photo Iris Pope)

For 95 years, Moody’s Diner has been an iconic Lincoln County business. Thousands of customers have experienced classic dining, eating homemade baked goods and home-cooked meals. The company recently added a new feature to the Moody’s experience – an ice cream stand called A Twist of Moody’s.

Dan Beck, co-owner and operator of Moody’s Diner, purchased the ice cream stand in October 2021.

“We always thought about having an ice cream stand here,” Beck said. “It got to a point where we realized we had the space, I love ice cream, there’s a building just down the street with all the equipment; let’s try.”

In addition to opening the ice cream stand, Beck also purchased Moody’s Gifts in January. Now that the restaurant, gift shop and ice cream parlor are under one roof, customers can experience a more universal Moody’s experience. Guests can eat in the restaurant in the morning, visit the gift shop, and grab a quick cone — plus dog food for a special pet — at A Twist of Moody’s.

A Twist of Moody’s officially opened on June 29 after being given the green light by the state. Contractors extended the parking lot and placed woodchips for the picnic table area, and atmospheric string lights and music from decades past on the speaker set a pleasant ambience for the cream shopper. icy. Although nothing is winterized, Beck said they plan to stay open as long as customers keep coming.

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According to Beck, the reception has been pretty positive so far, largely in regards to their gentle service.

“We had a few hiccups with getting all the equipment working properly, but I think we’re more on the pace now,” Beck said.

In addition to Gifford’s hard ice cream, A Twist of Moody’s highlights its soft serve ice cream. The ice cream stand uses 10% soft serve ice cream mix versus the standard 5% milk fat mix, which gives the soft serve ice cream a richer, creamier texture.

“I think you’ll find that even though our prices are competitive, we use a higher quality soft service, so you get more for your money,” Beck said.

The soft serve is half the magic of their Twister brand. While most places offer soft serve mixed with candy, Moody’s combines soft serve with a dessert they’re known for: pie. Mimicking pie a la mode in a cup, the vanilla soft serve is tossed in with a slice of Moody pie, with flavors like four berries, apple, strawberry rhubarb and even strawberry cheesecake.

Beck and her daughter-in-law Jessica Beck, director of A Twist of Moody’s, agree that their favorite order is the Four Berry Twister. The sweet and tart combination of the berries made it a classic two-crust restaurant pie and an even better addition to vanilla soft serve.

“It’s super good,” Beck said.

The stand is open Monday through Saturday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., next to Moody’s Diner on Atlantic Highway in Waldoboro.

“We’re here to serve the Midcoast, and just hope people come out,” Beck said.

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