The staff at an ice cream shop imposed a dress code on me – but it’s not the worst

A CUSTOMER has been left baffled after being held down by ice cream shop staff – and given a strict list of rules on how to behave.

Madison, who goes by @madison_hair on TikTok, shared a video of her experience at Villaggio Colafrancesco Gelato in Birmingham, Alabama.


Madison was shocked after the bizarre experienceCredit: TikTok/ madison_hair
She shared a list of rules on the front of the store


She shared a list of rules on the front of the storeCredit: TikTok/ madison_hair
Madison had wanted to take a picture of the ice cream


Madison had wanted to take a picture of the ice creamCredit: Facebook / Meats of the old century

At the start of the clip, which is no longer available, she showed a sign posted in the front of the store, Daily Dot reports.

It states that specific religious, technological and clothing restrictions must be observed indoors and reads: “This place is different. It’s about God, family and country.”

Beneath a section on God, the sign states, “Modest dress is required… profanity or actions that fall outside the standard of Christian behavior are not permitted.”

The modest dress code includes anything that reveals too much cleavage, bare shoulders, leggings and above the knee shorts and dresses.

The Family section says the store limits the use of cellphones, tablets, laptops and cigarettes to protect the Italian value of “the meeting of hearts.”

Under Country, the company’s main message is to be respectful of the location, which includes refraining from taking photos and “disturbing the peace”.

Madison reportedly said she walked into the store without reading the sign.

And when she went to take a picture of the “beautiful ice cream” she said a man came out and told her she “can’t have that picture.”

Madison, who was shocked, said the man told her, “Go put it in your car.”

She added that she was interested to see how long the store would stay open “with these rules, in this world.”

According to the company’s Facebook page, they want to bring certain Italian values ​​back to America, including “being present at mealtimes.”

He adds: “Therefore the Villaggio Colafrancesco is mobile phone and laptop free. Leave mobile phones and laptops in your car. This will be strictly enforced.

“Any violation will result in having to leave the premises. No excuses: ‘I forgot it was in my pocket or purse’. Again, no cell phones or laptops. ”

Muscular shirts and unbiblical sayings are also prohibited.

Viewers were shocked by the archaic rules.

One person reportedly wrote under Madison’s video, “They’ll be on their own.”

Another said, “There’s no way they’ll last in a town where there’s basically an unwritten Lululemon dress code.”

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