The top food-themed cat and dog names for 2022 break down delightfully

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Rover, the founder of popular pet-sitting app and dog-walker, recently released his list of the best cat and dog names of 2022 — along with pop culture references like Zoom, Bellatrix, and Bowser, it’s no surprise that people love naming their newly adopted furry companions after the food. These edible pet names range from the cute to the funny, and they never cease to amaze us with what people like to name their buddies.

Top food-based cat names for 2022

Coming from someone who named their two horribly mischievous cats Scorpion and Sub-Zero (and yes, they fight every day), of course I find sheer pleasure in some of these names. Based on how Rover compared its popularity in 2021, here are the best foodie cat names for 2022:

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I’m actually very surprised that “Roll” is the best, but I’ve seen quite a few plump, buxom cats in my day, so this might fit a few younger kids. And while it’s perfectly appropriate for the pandemic era, I’m surprised to see so many people have chosen the name “Sourdough,” because if you’re trying to call your cat by its name, it doesn’t quite come off the tongue as smoothly as “gravy.” As for the “chili”, I wonder if the pet owners meant the stew or the peppers. (Or maybe the mother of bluish.)

New names based on cat food in 2022 include:

  • My flesh

  • Baked beans

  • bacon bit

  • baklava

  • Clam chowder

  • focaccia

  • Frittata

  • funnel cake

  • ham sandwich

There are several strong contenders on this list, but my favorite by far is the Ham Sandwich. It would be very difficult to yell at a cat named Ham Sandwich for chewing a hole in the bread you accidentally left on the counter. “Clam Chowder” and “Funnel Cake” are top-notch cat names, too, and you earn extra points for accuracy.

Top food based dog names for 2022

I’m not a dog owner, so it’s hard to say if these names are stranger than my cat choices. I try to imagine myself introducing a new puppy named “Broccoli” to a complete stranger on the street and wondering if I’ll be able to do it with a straight face. The top four foodie dog names this year with a huge jump in popularity from last year are:

  • Hot pot (1,085% higher)

  • sashimi (up to 785%)

  • pastrami (up to 485%)

  • yerba (up to 485%)

Other foods such as mushrooms (“morels” and “chanterelles”) were also of great interest, along with meats (“bologna”), cheese (“paneer”), and Italian food (“calzone”). It seems there were also people who called their dog “Maple Syrup,” because that name jumped up the list, too.

Newcomers in the list of food-based dog names are also good:

  • Doritos

  • Cheddar cheese

  • Shito puff

  • gazpacho

  • Strobowafel

  • Taco Bella

  • Spicy Nuggets

  • marbelt

  • McGridel

I’m especially blown away by “Taco Bella” and “Mcriblet,” but you know, I’m a fan of both Taco Bell and McRibs, so that’s to be expected. The best alcohol-based dog name, of all things, was “Vodka” with “Truly,” “Gin,” and “Mai Tai” on the list.

And on a totally unrelated but important note, dog names inspired by COVID-19 are generally trending downward. This means there are fewer puppies in the world named Rona and Fauci. Thank God.

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