The Vancouver Dog Rescue Society is hosting a Furbaby pet food bank this month

The Vancouver Dog Rescue Society is helping ensure our furry friends and family are well cared for this holiday season.

Thank You DOG I am Out (TDIAO), a volunteer animal rescue organization, is holding its fourth Furbaby Dog and Cat Food Bank on Saturday, November 26.

Susan Patterson, the nonprofit’s founder in 2009, told the Daily Hive that pet owners need support more than ever and TDIAO is ready to help.

“With a fragile economy and massive increases in basic living costs and overhead costs for the holiday season, we decided as an organization to support the community that supports us,” Patterson said. Seniors, young self-founders, and anyone in need, we are happy to put their minds and pocket books at ease by providing them with dog and cat food and supplies.

“This will allow them to get through the holiday season with a few extra dollars in their pockets and maybe the freedom to buy someone a birthday present or put something special on their table.”

Thank DOG I am Out Furbaby Food Bank / Instagram

The Furbaby Food Bank will be located outside three Vancouver Safeway locations in Kitsilano, East Van and West End from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Teams of volunteers will provide anyone who needs dog or cat food and supplies enough to get them through the holiday season.

There will also be cat litter and a limited amount of food for small pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits.

Thank you DOG I am Out

Thank DOG I am Out Furbaby Food Bank / Instagram

“Please share this special day with your community,” encouraged Patterson, who describes herself as a huge animal lover who wants to make a difference in the world. “Maybe direct someone to our site if they need a lift or ask a neighbor if they need anything.

“Swing by and share some pics of your own if you’d like. Just know we love our community and it’s a pleasure to help anyone who stops by.”

Thank you DOG I am Out

Thanks DOG I am Out / Instagram

TDIAO is a small dog (30 lbs and under) foster-based organization. They also support the residents of Downtown East Vancouver on a monthly basis by providing pet food and supplies to those in need.

Those interested in supporting a fourth TDIAO Furbaby Food Bank can help purchase items from the Amazon Wish List, drop donations at Tisol’s Arbutus site, or donate online. All donations of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Thank DOG I am Out Furbaby Food Bank

When: November 26, 2022
time: 10 am to 4 pm
where: Safeway – 2315 West 4th Avenue Vancouver; Safeway – 1611 Davie Street, Vancouver; Safeway – 1780 East Broadway, Vancouver
cost: free

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