The ‘wild’ Bengal cat loves food so much that it must be fenced in at mealtimes

Any cat owner will tell you that felines are food-driven creatures. From stealing cookies off the counter to anxiously watching the clock until dinner time, there’s a reason 55 percent of adult cats in the United States are overweight.

One cat’s love of food is so aggressive that she has to be fenced in at mealtimes. TikToker ysnxs.exe shared a video of his cat Kenji ambushing a plate of raw chicken, which users called “savage”.

In the short clip shared on June 10, the Bengal cat can be seen lunging at his meal of raw chicken, knocking over the bowl as he dives on the meat. He then flees with his prize, leaving the remains strewn across the floor.

He’s not done yet, however, and soon returns to launch a second attack on the scraps, slamming his head into the wood feed station in the process. All of this attack takes place in a homemade feeder cage that was set up to prevent Kenji from stealing food from his other cat.

@ ysnxs.exe

Chill bro it’s all for you 😂 and for those of you who are wondering I have a fence for feeding time because I have 2 cats and this one will eat the other’s food. Other than that my cat roams freely around the house (: #cat #catsoftiktok

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In the caption accompanying his post, ysnxs.exe explained: “For those of you wondering I have a wall to feed time, [it’s] Because I have two cats and this one will eat the other’s food.”

Users couldn’t get enough of the “wild” beast, as the post received over 4 million views, over 433,000 likes, and nearly 6,500 comments.

“A bit aggressive don’t think,” said jamielelolyxo.

“Oh my God it came like a wrecking ball,” Snow Lovelace wrote.

Yodaxuno commented, “I don’t run away, bro.”

While Haylee Frueh wanted to know “why cats act like we feed them once a year.”

An international study conducted in 2020 explored the nutritional benefits and drawbacks of a raw food diet for pets. Published in the journal Vet recordResearchers explored the practice of raw food diets in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom

Using study data from the five English-speaking countries between 2008 and 2018, they found an increase in pet owners feeding raw food to their animals during the decade, often combined with more “traditional” options such as dry food and kibble. Researchers also found an association with nutritional deficiencies in pets that subsisted solely on raw food or homemade food products, and also identified an additional risk of disease caused by harmful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli.

However, proponents of the raw food or BARF diet – which stands for biologically appropriate raw food – say that replacing wet and dry food with raw meat can help cats lose weight and increase digestibility, but so far there are no studies to support the health benefits of raw food for pets. , as long as the animal is fed high quality, nutritionally appropriate, conventional options.

However, Kenji seems to be enjoying his chicken. Users agreed, with commenting: “Cats that eat raw meat are very wild animals.”

“Bengal life!!!!! Our life was a brutality of raw meat,” said LunaTheGoddess.

“I’m no expert…but I think they’d love it,” Caitlin Blanchard joked.

User Celeste wanted more information about the homemade feeder cage, asking, “I want to know more about the fence! My cats will steal each other’s food, too.”

ysnxs.exe replied: “It’s a little fence of sorts. I found two in good faith and stacked one on top of the other.”

Other users found Kenji’s fondness for food strange.

“Me when I see garlic bread,” said NoEka_OnlyZuul.

“My baby when I restock snacks,” ravenblackbull7 joked.

“[Doesn’t] Does everyone act like this with food? Roisinsmart wrote.

Newsweek ysnxs.exe has reached out to us for comment.

Stock image of a Bengali cat looking at a plate of hot dogs, Kenji’s fondness for raw chicken has been described as “wild” and “wild” by TikTok users.
Svetlana Sultanaeva/iStock/Getty Images Plus

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