The World Series is coming to Maine and Gifford’s ice cream is involved

Just as football tends to be a way of life for southern and midwestern states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, Little League seems to be a way of life in New England. On several occasions, northern New England has been represented in the Little League World Series which is played each August, but never has a major Little League event been held in the region.

So far.

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The Cal Ripken World Series is coming to Maine

For the first time in history, the Cal Ripken World Series is being held in Maine. In fact, as you read this article, the players and coaches are already in the state, as the pool game starts tomorrow morning – Saturday August 6th. Four Maine teams will take to the field in an attempt to become Cal Ripken’s World Series champion – Waterville, Noble, Ararat and Andy Valley.

All games will be played here at home in Vacationland at Purnell Wrigley Field in Waterville and Maine’s Fenway in Oakland.

Gifford’s ice cream is the “ice cream of choice”

To celebrate the Cal Ripken World Series debut in Maine, it only makes sense that the Maine ice cream company would be involved. Gifford’s ice cream – the same one from Gifford who makes the beloved Sea Dog cookie at Hadlock Field – has been officially named the ice cream of choice for the 2022 Cal Ripken World Series. And to bask in the glory of this honor, our friends at Gifford’s have decided to bless us with a new limited edition flavor.

Gifford’s ice cream

Gifford’s ice cream

Graham Slam

The aptly named “Graham Slam” is a true flavor homer, blending the delights of graham cracker ripples and chocolate-covered honey crisps into creamy, graham-flavored ice cream. The best part? While fans in the stands at the 10 Days of the Cal Ripken World Series will be able to cool off with all the Graham Slams in their faces, Mainers and tourists from afar who can’t make it to the field will still be able to take a swing at the new flavor.

The Graham Slam will be available at all five Gifford ice cream stands in Waterville, Auburn, Bangor, Farmington and Skowhegan.

Miss Maine Softball

Gifford’s didn’t stop at being named Ice Cream of Choice of the 2022 Cal Ripken World Series and creating the new limited-edition Graham Slam flavor. They went all out and officially got the arm of Maine’s Female Athlete of the Year, “Miss Maine Softball” Jaycie Christopher. Jaycie will throw the first pitch for the Monday, August 8 game which begins at 5:30 p.m.

Tickets are available to watch our little Mainers beat the competition and win the World Championship at the official Cal Ripken World Series website. Hope the kids have fun! PLAY BALL!

Going forward, these Little Leaguers could be one of the reasons Portland’s Hadlock Field is the best in the country.

It’s a taste of Fenway for half the price and levels above other parks in the country.

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